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Sugasm #30

The best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them – you can get in on the next one by using this form.

Solo Girl
Eloise Shot by Abby Winters (
FTV Girls Chloe Extreme Masturbation with Candles (
Ginger Jolie Nude (
My Homegrown Video Work (
Lesbian Sex in the Kitchen (
Bookworm Bitches Review (
Personal Porn
Tara Checks into the Silver Spruce Motel (

Thoughts on Sex: Sex Commentary, Sex News, Sexual Politics
Carmen Electra rides into trouble (
Head (
Kissing (
Pubes are Personal (
RANT: The Dumbing-Down of the Modern Femme ( IV: Realizations (

In Glasses (
Sinking (
Ten Things to Thank Porn For (

Erotic Writing
Assignment # 2 for Ginger Man (
Hadley’s Hedonism (
Hello, My Name is Cockwhore (
Lazy Sunday (
My Way, Your Way, Three Way (
The Perfect Blow Job (
Restful Nights, Exciting Mornings, And The O.J. Conclusion (
Sexual Incoherency (
So I Raped Him… (
When You Work (

Sex Toy Reviews / Sex Advice
Ah yes… Semenex… (
How Tall Are You Really? (
Je Joue (
Sex Tip – Kegels & Arousal (

BDSM and Fetish
Control and Balance (
Fiction- Absolution (
Half Nekkid Thursday (
HNT – Insomnophilia (
Happy Anniversary Master! (
In the Bedroom (
Milking a Man (
Sjambok Stripes (
Tickle Fetish (
Tiny Dick Losers Convention (
What I Am (

1 comment to Sugasm #30

  • tamedorchid

    Love the image of Ranpha Framboise! (I know, I know, completely unrelated…but she is damn sexy).

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