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Please Pee Post Penetration

Over the last couple of days, symptoms have emerged for me that I’m not sure what to do about.
The other night, I was going about my business when all of a sudden I felt the strongest sensation of needing to pee. I ran to the loo and…nothing happened. I didn’t need to pee at all – what it actually was, was a stingy, tingly sensation that tricked me into thinking I needed to. I kept getting it throughout the evening. Later on, when I acutally DID pee, it stung. Now, a couple of days later, urinating is accompanied by a burning sensation, and the urge to pee bothers me frequently, even when I dont need to go.

I’m know this is all very romantic and attractive, so I wont go on…but what could this be??
I spoke to Boyfriend about it and he said he was absolutely sure it isn’t an STD and that he’s completely clean, but that he’s willing to get tested again if I want him to.

This is really beginning to stress me out. Could it be thrush? Or is it more likely to be an STD?
If it IS an STD, what would it be likely to be?
If it isn’t an STD, is thrush the most likely explaination?

The urges to pee and stinging when you pee sounds like a UTI or bladder infection. It’s probably something as simple as that or thrush – weird body side effects that can crop up when you’re sexually active. Go to the doctor and describe your symptoms, I’m sure they’ll be able to diagnose more precisely than me and prescribe what you need. :)

I used to get UTI’s every so often, but then I made it a point to pee (even if I didn’t really need to) after sex and after masturbating and I stopped getting them. Peeing after sex will help clear your urinary tract of anything that may have gotten smooshed into the opening.

If it is some kind of urinary tract or bladder infection, you do need to see a doctor for antibiotics right away, before it gets worse. If you are in the early stages of a UTI (i.e. you’re just starting to get a little stinging at the end of peeing), I did have a doctor suggest flooding my system with fluids to flush out my bladder – drinking lots of green tea, cranberry juice, and good ol’ water.
If you aren’t feeling better within 24hrs though, get your body to a doctor.


5 comments to Please Pee Post Penetration

  • Jonathan

    On the bladder infection bit, yeah I know about that. My girlfriend recently was laid up in the hospital for three days with a kidney infection. Aches and pains, fever spiking up to 102 degrees, and a cat scan to make sure it wasn’t appendicitis.

  • Hope

    It sounds like a UTI I have a history of getting them and it really sucks you should go to the doctors and they can really tell you whats wrong and they will probably put you on antibiotics and pain meds that make it so you can pee without discomfort.

  • mer

    Another way to handle a UTI is to take 500 to 1000 of vitamin C before bed. I know it sounds funny but it really does work. My doctor told me about it years ago, this along with drinking plenty of water, and it works wonderfully. However, as Shay said you need to see a doctor before things get worse.

  • Hope

    Another way to not get them is to either drink cranberry juice or take cranberry pills because it helps flush out your system. I take cranberry pills almost every morning.

  • JD, MS-4

    The symptoms are suspicious for a UTI, though there are other causes of dysuria. The doctor can evaluate with a simple urinalysis and possible urine culture. Untreated UTI can lead to more serious complications, such as pyelonephritis (kidney infection) mentioned above, so if the symptoms have been present for a while you may want to schedule a visit. Note that some medications that treat UTI can cause your urine to change colors such as red or orange.

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