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CuntBlogging Wednesday 22

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Welcome to the first CBW of V-Month!
Today our contributor is wearing a flower -reminiscent of the flower-like symbol for yoni, the female genital symbol from ancient Hindu temples and shrines.Thousands of years ago, this symbol was worshiped; [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 21

This week I have some lovely lady bits from Rae over at Always On
^_^(you’ll def want to take a peek under that wreath by clicking on it)

“All right, so I’m mega-nervous but also feel very brave and a little bit exhibitionist (or is it very exhibitionist and a little bit brave?), and just decided to [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 20

This week the lovely J is presenting herself for your viewing pleasureIt’s her first time showing herself off so let’s all give her a warm S Spot welcome!^_^(click img to see what we’re keeping warm)“I’ve been reading for ages and, for whatever whim captured me, I am sending in a picture.“

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 20

Since we can’t live on beer and sausage alone (well, I’m sure some of you can)
it sure is lucky that the lovely sub Lyn donated this great photo!click image to see her tasty snack alone

“I love seeing the huge variety of cocks and especially cunts in your Wednesday pictures, so I thought I’d send you [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 19

A lovely reader, who prefers to remain anonymous, noticed the shortage of photos from the ladies for CBW and took it upon herself to contribute and set an example for the rest of you. ^_~
(click image to see her real kitty)

“Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. :D been lurking for a [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 18

Tsk!You guys are terrible!Were you really going to let me get away with not posting this week’s pic?!

Here’s a treat for you, direct from the Sweat Shop Sissy himself. He was able to convince his partner, his goddess, to participate in CBW!*cue applause*

(click image to make it a little less minty)See ladies – it’s [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 17

I brought you back a Florida peach!(Click to see Taurina without it)

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 16

Bad Wifey used to write a blog but has since shut downlucky for us,before she left she sent in this photo(click to see uncensored version)“I ended up somehow on your blog and left with the moist fingers :) Very sexy! And since I see that you are complaining about not enough cuntblogging I decided to [...]

cockCuntBlogging Wednesday 15

Today’s pic comes from J:

“All this shit they’re constantly trying to shove up us, clean us up — stuff us up, make it go away. Well, my vagina’s not going away. It’s pissed off and it’s staying right here. Like tampons — what the hell is that? A wad of dry fucking cotton stuffed up [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 14

This week’s magnificent muff comes from The Pervert, of the pagan and pervert, he sent me this lovely shot of his Pagan:

“The first time we had sex, he told me he had to see me.I’m right here,I said.

No, you,he said.I have to see you.

Turn on the light,I said,thinking he was a weirdo and freaking out [...]