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CuntBlogging Wednesday 32

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You know what I like to see?  Couples who do crazy things together – crazy things like BOTH submitting photos for CBW!!

Last week we saw her fella, and this week we get to see [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 31

Today’s submission comes from Shani

Of course, you can go ahead and take that lemon to go with your cocktoberfest beer – you might find a pleasant surprise underneath it when you do. ^_~

“Hey, I’ve been reading for a bit, and decided that I’d try to contribute to cuntblogging  Wednesdays [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 30

With all the cocks flying around during Cocktoberfest, thank goodness we have lovely ladies like Curvy Dee around to break things up for CBW
But my goodness! Who left their nachos lying around?  Click the img to get rid of them… mmm nachos and beer…

“This is a never-before-seen photo of [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 29

Hey, I haven’t though about this in years, but have you ever noticed that a strawberry kinda looks like something else?

(click img to remove all innuendo)

“I love your site! I have been visiting it for a while now. You always ask for more pictures for CBW, and i finally [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 28

All this bj talk has been exhausting. Thank goodness this week’s CBW will be a change of pace!
I say it every time, but we really do not get enough women sending in pix!And I really don’t see why, I mean, look at this week’s pic – pussies are so pretty!

Plus, for your special viewing [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 109 / Cuntblogging Wednesday 27

O hai!
I was just sitting here, sipping a nice cool drink, and thought to myself – self, you need to post a special CBW for today.Why today? Because it’s today! You’re here and I’m here , what better reason do we need?Actually, most importantly, this pic is here.I found today’s submission in my [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 26

Now this is what we like to see here at The S Spot,
a little reciprocity^_~(click the beaver to see her… you know what)“I was a bit nervous at first but I had to submit after my guyfriend did. So here’s me pleasing the almighty vag! The beaver really wants a lick too.“

CuntBlogging Wednesday 25

It’s the last week of V-month! :(
So today I have an especially tasty looking guest for you:(click img to see what other tasty thing she might have)“Hi Shay! I’ve been reading you for quite a long time now and I alway wanted to send you my little contribution for your blog. So here’s my little [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 24

Wow, the long weekend really threw me off!
I totally forgot what day it was and was busy prepping a post as if it was Tuesday!Silly me!But not to worry, I happen to have a very nice CBW ready for you:

Today’s proud pussy says she just loves her pyrex toys(click to see how much)

CuntBlogging Wednesday 23

Today’s pretty pussy comes from Rae
(click img to see under those candies)

Have you ever noticed that a “heart” doesn’t really look like the organ it’s named after?Don’t you think that it really looks more like a vagina?Think about it, the shape of a “heart” is symmetrical, but a real heart isn’t – it’s the vagina [...]