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CuntBlogging Wednesday 24

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Wow, the long weekend really threw me off!
I totally forgot what day it was and was busy prepping a post as if it was Tuesday!
Silly me!
But not to worry, I happen to have a very nice CBW ready for you:

Today’s proud pussy says she just loves her pyrex toys
(click to see how much)

8 comments to CuntBlogging Wednesday 24

  • Nitin

    wow!! she really loves that.. love to see more.. haha..

  • Gadfly

    Again I point out that for all the things that women have to put up with that men don’t…

    There is no substitute for that type of sensation if you switch the sex!

    The toy would have to be hand crafted by … like by experienced dental technicians into some type of wax and then cast into a Pyrex sheath by skilled engineers, and it would cost a zillion dollars … and what’s the point?

    Hmmm…. I think it may have been a bit too long since I’ve had a blowjob. I’m getting cranky ;-)

  • Hank

    love the glass toys!

  • Rae

    Well, who DOESN’T love Pyrex?

  • Anonymous

    So much better than cockblogging Wednesday. Cheers, love the blog.

  • Anonymous

    Delicious Pussy.

  • Shay

    Gad… are you okay? lol Actually, glass toys are hand-made (or hand-blown) not using pouring molds at all. There are some videos online you should check out – it’s really cool to see them being made.
    Also – this is the awesome thing about being a woman, you can enjoy all kinds of different sensations!

  • castandtoes

    i usually thing bald is beautiful but I’d lick that pussy all day long!

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