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What’s Cuter Than One Cunt?


Seriously though, not too long ago a reader sent me an e-mail asking about the kind of porn where two women get off by rub their pussies together. My reader was particularly aroused by this and wanted to know if there was a special term for this act so that they could search for images and videos more efficiently.

There are actually a few terms for this female-to-female genital contact: usually we call it Tribadism, sometimes Frottage, and I’ve even heard the slang term “Scissoring” used.

Sometimes tribadism and frottage pull double duty and also are used to refer to a woman rubbing her vag on any part of her partner’s body to get off (thigh, arm, stomach, or anything else you can think of).

Sounds awfully fun to do and terribly hot to see – but I think I’m going to have to post a few examples, just to make sure that you understand the concept of Tribadism completely.
This is all in the name of clarity, I assure you. ^_~

Hmm I still feel like I still might not be getting the message across…
I know! We need some moving pictures!

got it now?
oh good

18 comments to What’s Cuter Than One Cunt?

  • Anonymous

    My post-college roommate, who was a lesbian, called it “bumping fuzzies.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s images like this that were the inspiration for the Scissor Sisters’ name.

  • PB

    Not having the right equipment, I never understood the appeal of ‘bumping fuzzies’ (I love that wording) I always assumed it was done in the film world just as a show.

    PB you are wrong again, oh well.

  • Rae

    That is pretty damned hot to watch I have to say. My favorite lesbian-porn style!

    Just don’t confuse ‘frottage’ with ‘frotteurism’ which is the term they use for illegally rubbing up against an unwilling stranger in public for sexual satisfaction…it’s amazing the fun things one learns while writing paper in law schools!

  • Sonimon

    And now for something completely different:

    I recognize that last picture. I’m fairly sure it’s from the first Bible Black: Origins.

    If you’re into hentai, it’s a fairly good series, with a half-decent plot, but maybe that’s just me.

    Also, why the hell doesn’t this damned thing recognize the word “hentai?”

  • Nitin

    ohh yess im for pussy love pussy love!! But i didnt know this.. MORE PUSSY LOVE!! definetly.. those images are soo tempting. i would love to give those ladies a hand if it would help. .. wow.. scissoring.. now thats one for the dictionary.. and frotteurism..
    I’ll keep both these in my mind..
    already liking the thought of it..

  • Anonymous

    I’m officially aroused.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    Scissor me timbers!

  • Gadfly

    That is kind of cool. Chix can get off that way together, although, it’s obviously going to be a bit “unfulfilling” to some degree… It’s still awfully hot to watch :D

    For two guys, it would be like a really perverted way to try to start a campfire O_o

  • Shay

    Anon1 – haha that is kinda cute

    Anon2 – that’s right!

    PB – Yup, clit grinding feels good in for reals.

    Rae – haha!

    Sonimon – I think you’re right

    Nitin – haha maybe you could provide a thigh or some support – just hold one up or something ^_~

    Anon3 – excellent haha

    Steve – lolz

    Gad – “Unfulfilling”?! Are you kidding me?! You need to know more women who get off just fine without ever putting anything inside them, because (sorry to hurt your manly ego) most of us can get off without having something inside and feel plenty fulfilled.

  • Old Bogus

    Gad – “Unfulfilling”?! Are you kidding me?! You need to know more women who get off just fine without ever putting anything inside them, because (sorry to hurt your manly ego) most of us can get off without having something inside and feel plenty fulfilled.

    Just ask my wife; she gets plenty fulfilled! (I have had prostate treatment and don’t suffer from, but coexist with, ED. Besides, I’ve always thought fucking was overrated; I like to watch way too much!)

  • Rogue

    Tribadism is amazingly hot, although I may well feel that way because (duh) it’s definitely not something that, as a man, I can do or fully appreciate. It strikes me as incredibly decadent and sensual though. Thanx for sharing.

    By the way, I adore your work and send you complete and shameless support.

  • Gadfly

    Depends on the girl

    There’s a gradient of clitoral to vaginal/cervical

    Most… I think I read like “80%” of women are “clitoral” … but it’s a gradient.

    I suspect that’s why there are “size queens” that only date highly endowed men.


    And I have known some women who could get off with other women, but never got that “fulfilled feeling” that they eventually went seeking with the opposite sex.

    PS: known meaning “worked with, had drinks with, helped move, watched their children, etc. etc.”

  • Shay

    OB – I love how you put that “don’t suffer from, but coexist with…” very nice.

    Rogue – awww thanks!

    Gad – Ack! I’m just going to stand… over here…. well out of the way of any proper lesbians who might happen through here and wish to kick your ass.

  • Gadfly

    Well, those would be among the 5% “ultra clitoral, bull dykes” most likely ;-)

    OK, I just made that up “off the cuff” as it were …

    Plus, I fight dirty.

    *sleeving leather, lead-filled “sap” …* interestingly, also referred to as a “beaver-tail” sap ;-)


    Especial a possibilidade de viver os prazeres que instinto, corpo, e sentidos nos oferecem, viver e amar
    em todas suas formas e possibilidades, seria conveniente acabar com rotulos, nenhum ser e unilateral nas suas vontades, mas plena nos seus desejos.

  • i’m a virgin (21 y.o). can’t wait to scissor.
    that last pic is amazing!

  • Darkstarr

    In the interest of completeness, I’m told the Japanese term for tribadism is “kai awase”. I also once heard it referred to as “dancing clit-to-clit”, but I think the person who coined that term was only joking. (Still conjures up interesting mental images, ja nai? -_^)

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