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Cuntblogging Wednesday 28

All this bj talk has been exhausting. Thank goodness this week’s CBW will be a change of pace!
I say it every time, but we really do not get enough women sending in pix!
And I really don’t see why, I mean, look at this week’s pic – pussies are so pretty!

Plus, for your special viewing pleasure, we are the first people to ever get to see this one!
(click img)

Hi Shay! I love your column! I’ve been reading since I was at an illegal age to visit. But I’ve already reached the legal age so you cannot chase me away! This is my contribution. Enjoy my virgin vagina! (Nobody else has seen it before) :P

23 comments to Cuntblogging Wednesday 28

  • Z

    Wow, that is definately a pretty pussy. Feels sort of strange saying that about someone I don’t know.

  • Gadfly

    That’s lickably sweet :o)

  • Anonymous

    I feel special. Thanks for showing us that.

  • Tom

    What an honour!

  • Anonymous

    It’s gorgeous.

  • SiSi

    Very nice looks quite lickable ;P

  • Anonymous

    No one has seen it? Um. But you have a brazillian.

    Shay: something is fishy about this contribution. Doesn’t seem legit to me.

  • Shay

    people can and do wax or shave themselves Anon

  • Rae

    Hey! I’ve never had sex and I totally shave myself clean! Unless you are somewhere that you will never wear a bathing suit it’s practically a requirement. Plus, it feels nice when you’re masturbating…I’m sure the contributor knows what I mean. ;-)

    Pretty! Yay for cunts!

  • Mikecam2k

    really nice and compliments :D

  • single gal

    Very lovely!
    Waxing and shaving isn’t only for another person. I’ve single many times and have continued to get waxed in those times.

  • Gadfly

    Anonymous: She has slightly pronounced labia majora (kissably sweet in my opinion), and she has her thighs lifted up high which makes her mons veneris (among other terms), as a whole, protrude slightly.

    So the picture is just cropped a bit too closely. Yes, that is her thigh at the right, but it is heading up to her chest.

    Her pussy is not on upside down. It took me a second, too ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Two virgins in two weeks. Very nice contributions from both. If only they got together…;)

  • Magnus

    Suddenly I have the munchies….

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she will be encouraged to kindly show a few more..? Now that Shay’s blog is so well protected behind Blogger’s inpregnable wall… Can’t wait!

  • badside

    Pretty! Thanks for sharing…please send more!

  • Anonymous

    shaved pussies: i want them.
    especially yours! yum yum!

  • divineheather

    What a lovely picture. I’m not a flower girl by any means, but that may all change after seeing this picture.


  • Mike Stewart

    One word….WOW! Ah if I only was 50 years younger…I still probably wouldn’t have a chance in Hell! Oh well I can always fantasize! Thanks for giving me a boner! At my age that is always a good thing!

  • Chris

    Such a beautiful pussy…If you’re reading this hon, I’d love to slip my tongue in there and have a taste. I envy the lucky guy or girl who gets to lick it first. ;)

  • Fishy

    Nice Vagina Opening.. Great View Too.. Nice Shot…! Thx For Sharing..

  • hoodie

    That looks delicious… and quite a nice prominent clit peeking from between those two fingers… if she hooks up with a virgin boy , he’ll still be able to find it ;)

  • Gwenda

    She so hawt.. i wish mine were as good as hers.. TT

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