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HHMini Gallery – Fellatio

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I feel like we’ve been talking about blowjobs so much for the past week or so that clearly this is a theme deserving of it’s own Hot Hentai Mini Gallery!
So let’s check out a few of my favourite BJ images from my collection:

Okay, it's not a blowjob... but it's about to be!

Shame about the censoring, but look how you can see the suction in her cheeks!

Blowing an invisi-cock? That's just weird, but answers the question of what it might look like when the invisible man gets head.

Sometimes one just isn't enough!

C'mon, you knew I was going to slip in at least one Futa pic. ^_~ See, not all Futas only do women!

Well... it's one way to open your throat for deep throating... I guess...

It took me a while before I was able to find an uncensored version on this one - recognize the character? She should look familiar (hint, check out my user pic)

Finding it hard to keep her hands out of the cookie jar - can you blame her?

When I used this one around thanksgiving, readers were clamoring for an un-obscured view - here it is at last!

Let's finish off this gallery with an animation!

So, what did you think?
Which were your favourites? Why?

13 comments to HHMini Gallery – Fellatio

  • Anonymous

    they’re all pretty good, but i like the first one, just because it leaves a little to the imagination, and it carries that element of anticipation and excitement that comes before sex. I like the animation too, for the opposite reason. it’s all out there! you can practically hear the cum squishing between her tit and they guy’s skin. plus, it’s like the eternal blowjob! she just keeps on sucking forever…

  • Anonymous

    Cookie jar.

    Nothing makes oral better than when a girl is thoroughly and earnestly enjoying it herself.

    What better way to show that than to reach down into your skirt, under your panties for a little twiddle?

  • Anonymous

    cookie jar – i love stockings, esp the dark teacher like ones…

    the school girl skirt one and the one with your user character on it were my others. what is that character’s name shay? which series does she come from?

    p.s. – and yes, i *may* fantasize about you once you tell me ;-)

  • Random Question

    Hey Shay –

    I just took your poll “Identify yourself,” how does it feel that so many more men come to your blog than women? Is that what you expect/expected as the writer? Is that the norm?

  • Ammut95

    3rd anonymous person. The girl with the pink hair comes from the anime Onegai Teacher, its a cute 2 manga series.

    And i liked the cookie jar picture the most just because of the artwork. x3 But i always love the pictures you post on your site anyways.

  • TexGuy

    I love the pink-haired girl one the most. I think part of it is the angle, with her looking up as she takes it in, and part of it that cute fuckable round ass pointing in my direction.

  • Sabine

    Pinkie and Futa. Pinkie because she just looks so very cute, and the futa because, well… I’m biased. ;)

  • NDO

    I like the animation most! I got a bunch if you need any more!

  • Anthony

    I fear I’ve been on the internet too long. I authentically recognized a couple of those XD #7 from Onegai Teacher, the Animation from The Sagara Family, and #2 appears to be Tony Taka’s work. His style is distinctive.

    Love them all, but gotta go with +2, even with the censoring ^_~

  • Rae

    Cookie jar and the animation!

    Thanks, I feel like I haven’t been turned on in awhile and this was very…ahem…helpful. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I like the first one a lot because I love the anticipation. I also like the cookie jar because, as one or two other comments have stated, it’s really hot when a girl arouses herself with a blowjob and just can’t resist reaching down there to join the fun.

  • 6 and 8 …. don’t know why. Just pleasing to my sense of esthetics I guess.

  • Monty's Python

    The animation was terrific. I only wish it were longer. Exceptional touches: the nipple and eyes and the bounce of her body. I would add some nice underarm hair!

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