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CuntBlogging Wednesday 25

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It’s the last week of V-month! :(
So today I have an especially tasty looking guest for you:
(click img to see what other tasty thing she might have)
Hi Shay! I’ve been reading you for quite a long time now and I alway wanted to send you my little contribution for your blog. So here’s my little frenchy pussy! :) Hope you’ll like it!

13 comments to CuntBlogging Wednesday 25

  • Emmanuel

    My…. this is honestly one of the most tasty looking pussy I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at it, drooling on my keyboard.

    I hope there is someone honouring this beauty every day. If not, being in France also, I volunteer ;p

  • Matt Murdock

    Wow that is beautiful, i mean that is beautiful. I might have to unload to this picture, it is so beautiful

  • Camboy

    You are so hot!! Your pussy lips are so juicy :) Did you get excited in taking this photo? :) Please tell us something more about you :) I am from Europe too :) Would you like to chat or share pics?

  • marie

    Hi! lol No I’m not from France… I’m from Quebec in Canada. That’s why I said “Frenchy” because we speak French over there! :P Yes I was kinda exited… I’m a bit exhibitionist… Hehe! I’m glad you like ot! :)

  • richard

    God, I’d love to suck on that beautiful pussy! It’s perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Being from Quebec, I volunteer :p

  • horny guy

    i do have to agree with everyone. this is probably the most appealing pussy i’ve ever seen. not sure why, but i really want to just get my face in there and have at it.

    very well done Marie. Congrats to your husband or boyfriend.

  • Gadfly

    I think somebody’s been being a naughty girl :D

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looks like someone was a little wet … NICE!

    Love the lil’ patch of hair too. Do you usually keep it that way? I prefer a landing strip.


  • Curvaceous Dee

    *gulps* I’m with Emmanuel – that’s such a delectable cunt that I was hard-pressed not to lick the screen!

    xx Dee

  • Sheen V

    Tasty indeed! I hope she sends in more pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Lovely. I would like to see more.

  • Facts and Friction

    It does actually make my mouth water, that’s delectable!

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