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Toys and Gender

Without looking at any stats, what do YOU think?

9 comments to Toys and Gender

  • Miss Belle

    I think that women buy more, because most sex toys are aimed at women and the market for men buying for their girlfriends is not big enough to outweigh the women buying for themselves. Not to mention all the toys that lesbians buy…

  • Anonymous

    See… I have a little advantage here – I work in an adult store now! heeheeheehee….

    I won’t ruin the fun with the official statistic though.


  • badinfluencegirl


    all the reviewers practically at the place i review for are women so… i guess women

  • Anonymous

    I think that if more toys were made for men, and by that I mean really designed with men in mind rather than as an afterthought, that men would buy far more. I think that in some cases, the statistics are also skewed by men buying “women-marketed” toys such as vibrators for themselves, even as dual-use sorts of things they are generally still better than the items marketed for the “barely given a second thought” men’s market.

  • Sem

    Men come pre-equipped with their perfect sex toy. Women have to shop around.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going against the Odds.

    I say MEN


  • Anonymous

    If porn is not included then I have to say it HAS to be women. Simple supply and demand.


  • Rogue

    Funny: I just finished writing on this topic in my own blog.

    Maybe I’m about the skew the curve a little, because in my past, I’ve worked in several sex shops of various kinds.

    I’d say that up until the last 15 years or so, men made the majority of purchases, but most of those purchases were of the dildo/vibe variety (likely for his partner, but not necessarily), unless the man was buying what he believed to be a penis enlarger. Since the late 80s or so though, I’d say that women have become the larger consumers as a result of post-60s sexual empowerment.

    But there’s also this: how often do men buy cock toys (as opposed to dildos) for themselves? Fleshlights (though I have yet to try one) seem to be passing “penis enlargers” as the product of choice, but I suspect that men are still much more reserved about buying goods obviously intended for their own pleasure.

    If I’m right, I think this would suggest something about the relationship between sex commercialism and sexual politics: men may buy when it feels “manly” to do so, for a partner, but to purchase for themselves alone might, in some men’s psyches, suggest some sexual vulnerability. “I’m buying this blowjob device because I can’t get laid,” rather than because “it’s a hot and fun toy.”

  • Miss C

    I would say women, but I’m naturally biased due to the number of toys I’ve purchased over my few years.

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