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CuntBlogging Wednesday 42

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I’ve been so busy this week prepping for the HUGE presentation I had to give today and a paper (also due today), I feel like it’s Friday and I’ve missed a week’s worth of updating!

Cuntblogging Wednesday 41

Another lovely lady has sent us in a pic to break up all the sausage involved in Cocktoberfest.

And she’s all authentic with her cover up too (which SHE picked – very cool).
Just click-through if you want to see her, you know… naked

“Hi Shay!  I have been to Oktoberfest this [...]

Cunblogging Wednesday 40

I thought we’d take a break from all the (man)sausage happening right now
and give the ladies who’ve sent in pix a chance to shine!

When I was searching for an image to slap over this pic I was trying to figure out what goes well with beer…
then I realized – what doesn’t [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 39

The weather here has been abismal
hopefully this lovely sunflower will help coax back the summery-ness.
Oh wait… I think there might be something behind that sunflower – you’d better click-through to see!

“Figured your brilliant blog would be a great way to show off my nail polish… oh, and my Pussy ;-) Proving [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 38

Well, last week we saw him, so I suppose it’s only fitting that we see the other partner this week.

We do like matching sets here at CBW

(as always, click through to see the full image)


Don’t forget that you can always send [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 37

Today’s submitter not only provided us with a chance to post an all too rare girly CBW, BUT her pic is also perfect for Masturbation Month!
Well done! ^_^

“im a long time reader, first time talker. here is my cunt pic for you <3“

Cuntblogging Wednesday 36

Well, would you look at that – it’s not every day that we get to see the wife of another blogger appear for CBW!
Thanks SSS!

“Hey Shay – Here’s our contribution to pussy pics for Feb!“

Well folks, that’s it for The S Spot’s Feb Focus on the ladies [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 35

Jan and Zan sent in some great entries for a contest I had a while back – unfortunately fate didn’t pick them to win BUT I couldn’t resist posting this lovely little pic, perfect for CBW:

Uncensored this week because that’s just how I roll sometimes

Cuntblogging Wednesday 33

Welcome to the first CBW of V-Month!!
During the month of February, The S Spot likes to devote all of it’s Wednesdays to Cuntblogging:
partly in recognition of V-Day and partly because it’s just cool to change things up, esp since we really don’t see enough lady-parts in CBW!

Today’s courageous cunt is wearing [...]

CuntBlogging Wednesday 32

You know what I like to see?  Couples who do crazy things together – crazy things like BOTH submitting photos for CBW!!

Last week we saw her fella, and this week we get to see her!

“My man’s cock is beyond delicious personally, and I like to think he thinks the [...]