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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 17

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I brought you back a Florida peach!
(Click to see Taurina without it)

7 comments to CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 17

  • Richard

    A delicious wet pussy!!

  • Jim

    Such succulent ripe fruit . . . so juicy . . . a slight fuzz, that feels so good against my lips . . . that first taste is so magical, filling your mouth, the juices running down your chin . . . makes you crazy for more, as you eat it . . . so juicy you find yourself sucking, so none of it is wasted . . .

    Oh and peaches . . . I love those, too.


  • Mike Stewart

    Yummy! It gave me a big boner (always a good thing at my age!) and the inspiration to join in the festivities for Masturbation Month! Life is good!

  • stef

    sweet peach

  • Gadfly

    Is that a “creampie” or just the way the light catches it?

  • Old Bogus

    I love a juicy . . peach to eat. To smell the sensual odor . . . feel the firm softness against my lips . . . anticipate the sharing of a mutual experience. Then to open it from its enclosing skin as the succulent juices cover my face and fill my eager, anticipating mouth, drenching my tongue in sweet nectar. A really good peach drips juices from my chin as I seek to enjoy all the savory lasciviousness for myself and entice even more juices.

    The penultimate part of enjoying a . . . peach is sucking the hard nub left after the juices and savory parts have been experienced. This is the best part as far as the peach is concerned. And for a real . . . peach lover, the ideal objective. :)

  • Res


    and, sweet!


    xx,res~~in camo.

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