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Film Friday 74 – Sex Ed at Home

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It’s not that hard to talk to your kids about sex and masturbation

12 comments to Film Friday 74 – Sex Ed at Home

  • Lapis Ruber

    Very funny….Ive never heard so many slang expressions for masturbating and ejaculating used in one piece. Thanks.

  • 20SomethingGirl

    Wow! They should show this stuff in schools for sex ed – far more educational! :)

  • rupert

    I was lucky, my son knew all about that kind of thing, and told me so when I attempted the little ‘chat’. Clever 8 yr old lad, and how silly did I feel, like a grand-dad. Kids grow faster then fire crackers go off these days.


  • ChexMate

    LOL, what a crack-up! Amazing what wanking is being called now…. and a banana?

  • O

    very, very funny….thank you!

  • SJ

    Hahaha good stuff.

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    hey shay, my speakers done broke so I can’t watch your very funny video, I’m sure. But I wanted to tell you quoted you and linked to a post in your archives in my post today.

  • exile

    “your own downey that you don’t mind toss’n after toss’n”

    what i wanna know is, where’s the video that tells people not to use the self warming lube or lotion… not that i know anything about that…

  • pure evyl

    That was one hell of a video. You can sure pick em.

  • Katrina Halliwell

    Definitely more educational than anything I saw in sex ed back in high school.

    Great pick! :)

  • Anonymous

    God, that show is clever, hahaha. For those that might not know that’s a scene from the show Weeds, just because I don’t think it said so anywhere.

  • Maikeru

    That was some monologue! Not to mention the sheer amount of euphemisms for semen.

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