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How To Ejaculate – For Women

No April Fool’s Joke here, I figured that you’re all too smart and I honestly didn’t have enough time to plan something. ^_~ So I hope you don’t mind a nice normal post.

I’ve had a number of questions lately about female ejaculation (AKA Gushing), you can check out my original post about what female ejaculation is HERE.
And as per Strumpet’s request – here are some instructions for trying this out for yourself.

Step 1: Wash your hands and trim your fingernail (if you have an assistant make sure that they wash their hands and trim + clean their nails too). You might also want to go pee before you start, just to give you a little peace of mind.

Step 2: Lay down a towel and keep a tissue box close by, sometimes quite a lot of fluid can be released and you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that you’re not going to make a mess or end up sleeping on a soaked matress.

Step 3: Grab a bottle of lube too, just in case, and make sure your (or your assistant’s) arms and hands are limber and ready.

Step 4: Start Slow. Play around a little, do the things that you normally do as foreplay: looks at some porn, read some erotica, think of your favourite fantasy, etc.

Step 5: Get your clit stimulated. Try rubbing it with a drop of lube on your finger or get your assistant to use their tongue. For some women clitoral stimulation is enough to get them to ejaculate but for others a little something extra is needed. Something extra like:

Step 6: your G Spot, if you’ve got one. At this point, an assistant or a sex toy can be very handy. Slide your g spot toy, or have your assistant slip two fingers, into your vagina. About 2 inches in there is a little enlarged button of flesh with a different texture- that’s what we call the g spot, it lies along your urethra and directly behind your clit (if you’ve got one). As this area is stimulated it will enlarge making it easier to rub, but don’t ignore the clit (unless this is too intense or distracting) . If you don’t have a g-spot, or don’t enjoy it being stimulated, just ignore step 6 and carry on with that you were doing to your clit.

Step 7: If things are going well, you’ll start to feel like you need to pee. Don’t panic. You’re not going to pee, the muscles in your pelvis are cutting off the flow from your bladder.

Step 8: Let go and relax. You might be unconsciously clenching against that “need to pee” feeling, consciously relax. Let your assistant (if you’ve got one) know what you’re feeling and they can help remind you to relax. Once you relax the fluid will flow out and with practice you’ll be able to push it out harder and faster.

Step 9: Right after ejaculating once you could go ahead and try for another, or you could take a rest and talk with your assistant about what you two just achieved – if you’re alone take a moment to congratulate yourself, you’re a gusher!

Step 10: Clean up. Boring, but it rounds out my steps quite nicely. ^_~

Don’t stress out if this isn’t working for you, trying too hard and being stressed out is not going to help. Just relax and enjoy your orgasm, even if you don’t ejaculate this time, you can always try again another time.

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17 comments to How To Ejaculate – For Women

  • Strumpet

    I’m right on top of that, Rose!

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this, Shay, darling. You rock!!

    Actually, this is not all that different from what we/I do….but I never squirt. Maybe I need a better g-spot toy, (can you suggest any?) Even so, I want to learn how to make it happen for other chicks…so even if it won’t work on me…maybe I can get it to happen next time I’m with a girlie.

    Also, maybe I should try and hold my orgasm off for longer. Would drawing out the length of time that the g-spot is being stimulated increase the chances of a downpour?

  • Shay

    You’re welcome sweety!
    Actually, This should be a good g spot vibe and drawing out the time just before your orgasms might help. Sometimes it just takes time. Good luck!!

  • Strumpet

    Wow, it’s waterproof…comes with a little thing of lube…awww…it’s only twenty bucks…and it comes in purple? Right up my alley.


  • Nina

    What a yummy recipie! Thank you!


  • exposed

    i’ve a problem with female ejaculation – the ammount of liquid that comes out is just insane. i did at first think i must be peeing during orgasm, so i started peeing before hand, and still all this liquid. it has become particularly embarassing with lovers when they think i’ve wet thier bed. i find myself trying to hold back during sex for fear of ruining the poor boy’s sheets…but damn it feels so good.

  • ~The Goofy Ass Chick

    Like exposed, I’m also a person who gets the bed awfullly wet when I cum. I also thought I was peeing the bed too. I’ve laid down a towel (when I’m alone) but so far, I’ve never been able to fully have an orgasm in the best sense with a man because I’m so scared that I’ll have a puddle beneath me like I have when I’m going it solo. I know there are certain men that are actually turned on by “squirters” but it’s embarrassing. How do you pose the question before sex? Do I casually mention if they’ve ever wanted a pool in their bedroom? ;-)

  • Kristin

    I ‘gushed’ for the first time at age 39 with the assistance of my partners deft hands. It was he not I, who believed I could do it. My surprise was as big as the release I felt. The amount of liquid, however, is not what I hear about elsewhere. A handful perhaps in little squirts. Through this exercise I have come to experience something else I did not believe existed: The vaginal orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Now more than ever I am convinced that life does not stop at 40 :)

  • greg from njoy

    Guess I’m a little late to the party here, but if you’re seeking a fine g-spot toy (strumpet?), check out njoy’s Pure Wand ( – it’s designed specifically to give you firm, controlled pressure right where you want it, along with the reach you need to massage yourself in comfort. Works great for guy’s p-spot play too (which really is the same thing as g-spot play, with a somewhat different result). And it’s a great shoulder massager too, so you’ll have an excuse to leave it out to admire between play sessions, instead of stashing it away with the other unmentionables…

  • Donna

    I just gushed for the first time. i used the njoy pure wand, and it was amazing! i couldn’t believe that i could do that. it was absolutely amazing. i’ve been trying for a couple of weeks, and i guess i was putting too much pressure on myself. today i was solo (usually have the help of my partner) and i was relaxed enough to let it go. it is an amazing feeling. try out the njoy pure wand, it really does work wonders!

  • Anonymous

    i have ever had an orgasm at least i don’t think. i’m always afraid of peeing will feel really good and i will start wiggleing around and my eyes will start to cry but then i feel like i have to pee, so i tell him to stop.i tried peeing before, and i still felt like that. finally when i got the feeling i had to pee i just let go and i did pee and it was a lot.i’m not posistive it was pee but it wasn’t a bodily explosion so i thnk maybe i let go too soon. i don’t know wether to experiment in the bathtub or to just give up.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Shay, my girlfriend came up to my college last weekend and I tried out your tricks and it worked pretty good Ill have to admit. She said it was the best over and I was pretty proud that I got her too. I dont know that just might be a guy thing but Im still proud of that. Thanks a lot, your tips came in handy

  • Anonymous

    i have a question..i am a huge gusher as well and it usually soaks down to the very core of my bed. i’m always at a loss trying to think of ways to clean the mess up..still I have no clue what would be the best thing to use.

  • CJ

    Well, the first time my gf gushed I thought she had taken a long awaited pee, she was embarrassed to death with me but I honestly didn’t care. Later that night it happened again and I had to call room service for another set of sheets (must’ve been doing something right I guess), ever since she gushes when we have sex or she goes solo (which is a problem because she’s a bit vouyeurist and loves public washroom to masturbate), I even tasted it once and found it tasty (Salty but tasty).

  • Anonymous

    <>>i have a question..i am a huge gusher as well and it usually soaks down to the very core of my bed. i’m always at a loss trying to think of ways to clean the mess up..still I have no clue what would be the best thing to use. < <<
    Talk to your bf, you’re gifted. You should be proud to have this gift, you’re an anonymous modern goddess!

  • Much Ado

    OK, now I’m beginning to feel real ignorant. It’s going to be my third post saying “I didn’t know….”

    Really I know about gushing but i thot it was 1) just a little liquid, maybe just several drops, and, 2) most girls don’t gush.

    Also, what is the liquid? where does it come from?

  • Anonymous

    just stumbled across this!! – desperately wnt to be able to gush, i even hav the njoy wand but never know how far up im meant to push 4 my g spot. sometimes i get a really nice feeling tingly wen my bf uses it on me there, but not really a massive urge to pee. does anyone kno how long ejaculation can take from the nice tingly feelings??

    thankyou xxxx

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