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I’ve just updated the organisation of my toy review page.
I think I’m still going to make a few more changes, but if you’d like to have a look at what I’ve done so far you can check it out HERE. ^_^

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  • Great review! Although I have not had the pleasure of experiencing these one-time-use Tenga sleeves, I did invest in the Tenga “Flip Hole”… a most remarkable and visually stylish device designed for many uses.

    In regards to your partner’s comments about the initial cold sensation of the sleeve, I would like to direct your attention to the “Tenga Warmer”, an accessory I purchased that you insert into the sleeve/flip-hole, plug into an outlet, press a button, and wait 5-10minutes for it to warm-up the sleeve. Although it doesn’t make the sleeve ULTRA-hot, it does effectively address that displeasing cold initial penetration sensation. What will they think of next? ^_^

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