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Reader Question – TMS?!

Another pool-side post -Shay

I am very concerned that I may have been masturbating using the prone position i.e. face-down and may have this condition called traumatic masturbatory syndrome (TMS). I am 23 years old and have been masturbating I’d say everyday on average for the last 9 years and 90% of this time I have used this prone, facing down on a bed masturbation style method. I only just found out that this can lead to TMS. So as you can imagine I am now very worried. The added problem is that I am a virgin and so have not had a proper sexual relationship with a woman so have no way of knowing whether or not I would have problems getting an erection and maintaining it etc.
please help

*[TMS is a term coined by Dr. Lawrence I. Sank, a researcher who studied sexual dysfunction in men. He suspected that masturbating in the prone position could lead to anorgasmia (not being able to come) during penetrative sex and erectile dysfunction. ]

Don’t worry reader, you don’t have to run out and hire someone to help you test whether your penis is working correctly.

But if you are worried, one thing you should to do is stop masturbating using the prone position.

Even if you did go out, have sex this afternoon, and find that everything seems to be working correctly, you should still stop using this position exclusively. From what I’ve read, using the prone position is not good for your penis as it puts too much pressure on the base.

You need to teach yourself how to masturbate in the conventional way (sitting up or laying on your back and using your fist to squeeze and pump up and down on your penis). If you find that this doesn’t work to make you cum, don’t switch back to your usual method, just give yourself some time. Some people who are used to masturbating in the prone position find that they need to abstain for a few days before they are able to orgasm from masturbating in the conventional way. It’s probably going to take some will power, but if you are really concerned about your sexual function, I’m sure you’ll be able to manage.

You’re a young man, so there is still lots of time for you to learn to masturbate conventionally and correct any damage that might have been done.

Good Luck!

P.S. I fully expect to have one or two of my readers attempt to contradict me on this, so let me head you off. Yes, it is perfectly reasonable that masturbating in the prone position doesn’t lead to TMS in every man but, like the kegel issue, why bother taking a risk when there are plenty of other fun ways to get off?

11 comments to Reader Question – TMS?!

  • Darryn

    Hmmm, i didnt know that.

    I was going to write into you about it as soon as I built up the courage, seeing as its “merry masturbation month”, but it seems someone beat me to it.

    So, it actaully is bad to masturbate in a face down position….Well, I’m not really a fan of “jerking off”….Have you got any other ways you can think of (that aren’t dangerous)?

  • Biby Cletus

    Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

    Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

    Biby Cletus

  • Gadfly

    I don’t get it

    Is he humping the bed until orgasm?

    Seems prone to rug burns.


  • George

    If he has a problem on his back, a nice lube will help him enjoy it a lot more.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, does this medical problem apply to females as well?

  • Darryn

    Ummm, when you say “he”, I’m not sure if you are talking about me or not, so i’ll just assume you are, and if I’m wrong, this will still be informative…I hope…

    Well, Gadfly, the way I do it, it is more like humping your hand…And yes, it hurts….That’s why I do it… (It is very similar to the picture actually, ‘cept no boobs…lol)

    George, if you are talking about me, well, I have a bed, my hands, my ‘built in’ utensils, and that’s about it…I dont own any lube, dildo’s, vibrators, fleshlights, or anything else…so nothing on that front. (But I do have a very good imaginiation….)

  • bad influence girl

    regarding kegels…

    that last bit with the elevator is actually a far more effective way to activate the whole pelvic floor. the pc muscle really only helps with peeing

    a good pilates instructor *preen* can teach you to use your pelvic floor effectively

    and by effective i mean that my partner accuses me of milking him :)

  • Anonymous

    on a slightly off topic observation… i’m glad to see a 23 year old male that is still a virgin. as a 24 year old lady… i thought i was the only one in the world.


  • Res

    As with the Kegels, I’m prone to the upright, or supine position.

    ~~As always, you’ve given the best advice out there.

    Three cheers, Shay!
    (now, roll over! [j/k])

    xx,res~~in camo.

  • exile

    dude, just a little fyi

    i know you’re new to the sex things, but just so you know cumming durring sex isn’t a problem. it’s keeping your self from doing it, that’s the issue. i say take advantage of the situation.

    this may be your mutant power…

  • Anonymous

    I have been a chronic prone masturbator since the age of 12 and I am now 29. I do have erectile dysfunctional issues during sex with my gf. I ejaculate easily when I prone-masturbate. I just found about TMS right now. I hope its not too late for me too change my masturbating style.

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