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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 14

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This week’s magnificent muff comes from The Pervert, of the pagan and pervert, he sent me this lovely shot of his Pagan:

The first time we had sex, he told me he had to see me.

I’m right here,
I said.

No, you,
he said.
I have to see you.

Turn on the light,
I said,
thinking he was a weirdo and freaking out in the dark.

He turned on the light.

Then he said,

OK, I ‘m ready, ready to see you.

Right here,
I waved,
I’m right here.

Then he began to undress me.

What are you doing Bob?
I said.

I need to see you,
he replied.

No need,
I said,
Just do it.

I need to see what you look like,
he said.

But you’ve seen a red leather couch before,
I said.

Bob continued. He would not stop.

I wanted to throw up and die.

This is awfully intimate,
I said.
Can’t you just do it?

he said,
It’s who you are. I need to look.

I held my breath. He looked and looked.
He got breathy and his face changed.

He didn’t look ordinary anymore.

He looked like a hungry beast.

You’re so beautiful,
he said.
You’re elegant and deep and innocent and wild.

You saw that there?
I said.
It was like he read my palm.

I saw that,
he said,
and more, much much more.

He stayed looking for almost an hour as if he were studying a map, observing the moon, staring into my eyes, but it was my vagina.

In the light I watched him looking at me and he was so genuinely excited, so peaceful and euphoric,

I began to get wet and turned on.

I began to see myself the way he saw me.

I began to feel beautiful and delicious–

like a great painting, or a water fall.

Bob wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t grossed out.

I began to swell, began to feel proud. Began to love my vagina.

And Bob, lost himself there and I was there with him, in my vagina, and we were gone.

“Because He Liked to Look at It” – from the Vagina Monologues

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