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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 20

Since we can’t live on beer and sausage alone (well, I’m sure some of you can)
it sure is lucky that the lovely sub Lyn donated this great photo!
click image to see her tasty snack alone

I love seeing the huge variety of cocks and especially cunts in your Wednesday pictures, so I thought I’d send you one of my own!


Ladies and Gentlemen get out your cameras and give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight; heck, convince your partners, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, close friends, etc to send in shots too (especially if YOU have already sent in a pic for cock/cuntblogging). Send your picture to me ( [email protected] ) to be featured in CBW! ^_~

4 comments to CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 20

  • A Nawty Mouz

    Wonderful snack!

    I love the framing and how subLyn’s pussy is squeezing through the split. Schwing!

    Funny, sometimes it helps to read the fine print. I happened to click on the photo, and oh, joy!

    Thanks Shay!

    Happy CuntingBlogging!


  • richard

    i’d love to taste it.

  • Anonymous

    OT – but I’d get the mark on your inner right thigh checked out for skin cancer.

  • sub lyn

    Thanks, anonymous. i have a bunch of funny moles and do get them checked out regularly. So far, no problems.

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