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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 13

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Happy V-Day!

This week I have a particularly courageous cunt for your viewing pleasure,a cunt that has made her voice heard on stage, reclaiming the word:

“Cunt. You heard me right. Cunt! I’m reclaiming the word. Cunt. I really like [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 12

In the month of February I observe, not valentine’s day, V-Day – the V stands for many things, but most importantly it stands for Vagina and for Victory. It’s a world-wide movement to raise awareness and bring an end to violence against women and girls and their vaginas.

Thus, for the month of February, [...]

CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 11

This week I have a sweet and soapy anonymous gal for your viewing pleasure.

“I’m venturing out and for the life of me I can’t believe it. I’m enjoying my bath and wishing I had someone to join me.“

In other news – please please please don’t forget to send in your photos for my contest!

cockbloggingwednesday, [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 47 + Cuntblogging Wednesday 10

This week is a special double feature!These two pictures come from the lovely Padme and her Master Anakin, who run a blog called JourneytoTheDarkside:

“Master and I are both sort of “coming out” on your blog. LOL. He and I both have never shown our private parts to the world.

I swore I [...]

Costumed Cunt#1

The lovely Ryan, of Ryan’sReflections was kind enough to submit to my Halloween request for costumed crotches.Here is her pssu as Daisy Dukes.

It’s covered up sure, but I know you all have great imaginations.^_~
photo, cockblogging, cuntblogging,halloween,

CockCuntblogging Wednesday 9

After two solid weeks of cocks I thought it might be nice to change things up a bit by offering you a little cunt. Why do I use what some consider a vulgar term to refer to sweet and tender pussies? Well, it’s all part of the important work being done to reclaim the word [...]

CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 8

Last week we saw fullynaked‘s fully naked cock and this week he invites us to see his wife fully naked as well! ^_^ Now here’s a couple that likes to maintain equality between the sexes.

“We want to balance out the pictures of life for your cuntblogging with this one of my wife. One for me. [...]

CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 7

A Gorgeous Girl Part was recently sent to me by a reader. ^_^ I really don’t get enough of these!

“Alrighty – internet photo virginity broken! By you Shay! Here’s the latest photo I have of myself!“

Give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] [...]

CockCuntBlogging Wednesdays 6

Another wonderful woman was willing (that’s a lot of W’s!) to send in a picture showing off her pretty pussy for cuntblogging wednesdays. Hurray!

This anonymous reader hopes that her picture will encourage other women to play too! ^_^

Give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); [...]

CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 5 – The Return!

Hurray!I finally had another reader who was willing to share her pretty pussy with the world. Feast your eyes upon this pink vision of juicy womanful-ness:

Give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); I would be happy to alternate between cockblogging and cuntblogging if I [...]