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CockCuntblogging Wednesday 9

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After two solid weeks of cocks I thought it might be nice to change things up a bit by offering you a little cunt. Why do I use what some consider a vulgar term to refer to sweet and tender pussies? Well, it’s all part of the important work being done to reclaim the word cunt – c’mon say it with me!

There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?


Now, since I have your attention, I would like to make an announcement. Halloween is coming up and you know what I would really like to see on my blog? Some costumed cocks and cunts: I’m talking Franken-cock, vampire vulvas, one-eyed-monsters, mummified muffs, pumpkined penii, etc! So dress up your downstairs and send me your best pictures – I will post my favourite entry (or entries) right here in this very blog! ^_^

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25 comments to CockCuntblogging Wednesday 9

  • Ronan

    Yay! Hurray! Lovely, lovely looking lips. C’mon, girls, drop those drawers and fire up those cameras! We need more of this kinda openness:)

  • Anonymous

    YAHOO!! Like Ronan says, drop those drawers and show us your beautiful pussies.

  • heather

    Some big Franken Cock would be nice.

  • Madame X

    Cunt, Cunt, Cunt, Cunt!
    Love that word.
    Love this cunt, very nice!
    Thank you!

  • Dr. Jekyll

    Beautiful …

  • hitemhard

    who’s is it?

    Maybe you can start a new game called ‘Who’s Cootch’

  • ArtfulDodger

    Whew! Finally some relief! :) Three cheers for cunts everywhere, hip, hip, horray!

  • WryGirl

    You’re a cunt all the way, Shay!

  • ross

    Well. You know what my old pappy always said, “Love the cunt. Hate the word.”

  • frhe sjgg

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in costume and out, Shay !

    I love visiting here !

    Happy Wednesday –

    Anne Elizabeth

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see your costume Shay!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for Shay! It even feels great to TYPE ‘cunt’ and ‘pussy’. while we’re at it can we kick the habit of calling things ‘gay’ to signify something derogatory?

  • Anonymous

    Mmm, those lips look like they’d feel great in my mouth!

  • taurina_gal

    first of all, i would like to thank Shay for posting this pic. it was mine! also tq to all you people for the compliments.

    hugs n’ kisses,

  • Cherrie

    I love your cunt! I love my cunt! I love cunts!

    L love the idea of dressing up my cunt! Now what should I put on it? I just watched Project Runway, and that didn’t give me any ideas!

  • Anonymous

    Cherrie. I can’t waith to see your cunt soon!!

  • Shay

    Ronan/Anon – I agree ^_^

    Heather – with blots and everything! hehe

    MX – C as in creeeeaaamy, right? ^_~

    HitemHard – Sorry, we can’t play that kind of game, I promise my cocks and cunts anonymity. Besides, it’s not like they are usually other blogers, so it would be nearly impossible to guess.

    Art – Hip Hip Hooray!

    Wry – I will take that as a compliment! ^_^

    Ross – meh ^_~

    AE – me too! thanks hun.

    Anon – haha we will see.

    BedREyes – Yes PLEASE!

    Taurina – my pleasure, thanks for sending it in!

    Cherrie – hehe dress it up however you like, I’m sure it will look lovely! ^_^

  • exile

    awww, it looks happy to see us

  • Anonymous

    Taurina , your pussy looks delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Ah I am in love…or at least in lust… once again! At my age, that is definitely a good thing! Thanks to both the lovely owner of this lovely CUNT and the lovely Shay for posting it!

  • a.

    beautiful cunt!!! cute mole beside it too. we have something in common!


  • william

    I like the fact that you call it a cunt instead of a pussy. Not that it really matters, it is beautiful no matter what you call it.

  • Hetero Guy

    Very nice pussy.

    I won’t say “cunt” – not because it’s vulgar or mysoginist or anything like that, because it isn’t (as an old girl chum of mine once said, “it only describes what something is…or what someone is). To me, it’s almost passe. Porno even.

    I like “pussy” – saying it, kissing it, licking it, etc. etc. ;)

    By the way, the word verification required to post this comment was “nhups.”

  • Anonymous

    That ‘cunt’ is indeed lovely and looks delicious.
    I enjoy cunnilingus, and I was drooling over this picture.
    Who could be the proud owner of this most divine piece of ‘pussy’?

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