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CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 5 – The Return!

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I finally had another reader who was willing to share her pretty pussy with the world. Feast your eyes upon this pink vision of juicy womanful-ness:

Give your cock or cunt some time in the spotlight – Send a picture to me( [email protected] ); I would be happy to alternate between cockblogging and cuntblogging if I were to receive any pictures from my female readers/fellow bloggers. So Ladies get out your cameras and guys, start convincing your wives, girlfriends, close friends, etc (especially if YOU have already sent in a pic for cockblogging) ^_~

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12 comments to CockCuntBlogging Wednesday 5 – The Return!

  • Madame X

    I am such a girl because the first thing I thought was, “Nice manicure!”

    Very fuckable pussy!


  • Shon Richards

    I must be a guy cause my first thought was “I’d lick right there.”

    Congratulations on your first cuntblog Shay.

  • sicilia_vita

    Beautiful, sexy, delicious. Damned delicious. Really damned delicious. Really, really damned delicous.

    Thank you Reader, for allowing yourself to be seen.

  • Shay

    MadameX – haha that was my first thought too!!

    Shon – hun you need to check out the title of this post.

    Sicilia – reader participation is a beautiful thing. ^_~

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!!! I have a birthday coming up, can I ask for a present??

  • Shon Richards

    Oops, I forget that time exists before I start reading a blog. Congrats on the return?

  • Anonymous

    Sooo wet, Sooo juicy…

  • Rex Venom

    Cool! I came for the art, and stayed for the, er (reading title agian…, well, you know!
    Rock on!

  • Shay

    Anon – haha sure, but no guarantees. ;)

    Shon – all is forgiven, as long as you promise to explore my archives sometime – there’s all kinds of juicy things in there sweety. ^_~

    Anon – I know! hehe ^_^

    Rex – Hey! Long time no “see”! Welcome back babes!

  • Aragorn

    Lol, nice manicure indeed … ;-). A “pink vision of juicy womanful-ness” … you could not have said it better dear … Very lickable …

  • single gal

    fabulous photo!
    thanks to the sender!

  • Mongrel Porksword

    Very nice.

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