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Insert *Caption* Here AGAIN!

Last time was so much fun that I’ve decided to bring in another picture for Show&Tell.

If you missed it last time, here’s the idea:

I Show you the picture:

and you Tell me what the characters are saying/thinking. ^_~

[N.B.: for those of you not familiar with various school uniforms - the girls are in their PE uniform (which looks essentially like a t shirt and swimsuit bottoms) which is why it looks as if she's wearing two sets of panties.]

Aaaaaand GO!

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18 comments to Insert *Caption* Here AGAIN!

  • adam

    “Wadda ya mean, ‘This is what Tiger Woods gets everytime HE get’s a hole-in-one???”

  • Darren

    “The boys NEVER play capture the flag right!”

  • Michael

    I always wear two pairs of panties for strip golf!

  • DZER

    “You boys want to play through?”

    “Put it in the hole!”

    “We couldn’t help admiring the stiffness of your shaft.”

    “To reach the next hole, you’ll have to use wood.”

    “Are these your balls on the green?”


  • ~A-Lo~

    I never really did like purple, stripes bring out my eyes more:)

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Hey, I don’t remember being in a *threesome!

    *real golf term, I’m not lying!
    I crack up like a kid when I hear on the Intercom:
    Johnson, threesome, please report to the second hole…

  • Shay

    “please report to the second hole” ?!?!
    Threesomes and orgies SHOULD have announcers like that, just to make sure everything is going according to plan. ^_~

  • littleinsomniac

    “Why don’t they ever try and pull mine down like that?”

    “Hey, you weren’t supposed to see those!!”

  • horny guy

    hey.. what the.. two sets of panties!?!? no wonder we couldn’t see any camel toe…

  • Desireous

    The one in the front is saying, “Oh my that’s too big!” The one in the back is thinking, I don’t know, It looks just right to me!


  • Derik

    “I have to do that after every hole?”

  • Cayman J

    Red hair: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! WTF!!

    Blonde: I told you that the 19th hole of strip golf was special.

  • Haaaaaaa

    The one in the front says, “I didn’t know this was a requirement to get into the LPGA!”

    The one in the back says, “Hmmmm. That chick needs a shave.”

  • Vixxxen

    “The things I do to get an A in PE”

  • ArtfulDodger

    “Oh my, look, my panties are falling down… tee hee.”

    “Gosh Mister, your club is sooo big!”

    Red: “I can’t keep my panties up.”
    Orange: “Can you please help us?”

    Red: “I’m not really sure which hole this goes in?”
    Orange: “Tee hee.”

  • DZER

    “Excuse me sir, but can we wash your balls?”

    “The key is a nice, smooth stroke.”

    “Wanna play? We’ll give you four strokes a side.”

    “Show us your birdie.”

  • tbinnd

    Red: Hey! What are you doing?
    Blonde thinking: I never noticed before red has nice ass.

  • tbinnd

    Red: Oh ya!
    Blonde thinking: oh, that why we have two flag poles.

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