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Get That Out of my *Caption*!


Once again it has been WAY too long since we last played a round of the caption game – I think you guys are forgetting how to play!

So just in case, here is how you play:

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while [...]

Oh! You Found My *Caption*!

It’s been FOREVER since we last played the caption game!!

And last time you even did fairly well, a few of a faves were:
“male: I may not be going at the speed of light, but I’m pretty sure I just stretched your space.“

“Hmmm. You’re right. Practical fluid dynamics is [...]

Did I Forget to Pack my *Caption*!?

It’s funny how you think you’ll have SO much time to get stuff done over the xmas break
and then family and friends end up taking up so much of your time that you don’t end up getting much done.

So Annnnnnnyway

While I work on getting back into the swing of [...]

This Year I’m Dressing Up as a *Caption*!

We haven’t played the caption game since July!

No wonder some of you have been e-mailing me, asking me to post another round!

Well ta da!

Last time you did pretty well, here were a couple of my faves:

“Allright!! A hole-in-one on the 18th means we all get [...]

Ah! You Got *Caption* On Me!

It’s time for another healthy round of everyone’s favourite blog-game!

Last time you all did really well, it was way harder picking my faves!

“She may not have quite grasped the proper mechanics of the Heimlich Maneuver yet, but her enthusiasm made her the best first aid student he’d ever had.”
“Ah [...]

Wait, You Want to Put Your *Caption* Where!?

It’s been a loooong while since we last played the caption game!
You must be up for another round by now

Last time some of you did very well and some of you well… kinda sucked ^_~  I’m not gonna name names here, but some of my faves were:

“After years of [...]

Your *Caption* Is All Over Me!

Hi There!

Who wants to play a round of the caption game?
You do?!

Last time you guys did pretty well, and a few of the best ones would have to be:

“Everybody does something different on their way to work, nobody knows where Susan works because she gets off at [...]

Be Gentle, It’s My First *Caption*


It’s time to play another round of the caption game!

Last time you guys did pretty well, these were my faves:

“Church attendance hit an all-time high when they introduced the nude choir.“

“We the people in order to form a more perfect union hold these boobs to [...]

First *Caption* Of the New Year!

It’s been months since we last played everyone’s fave blog game!

Last time you guys did pretty well, but this one was definitely the best suggestion:

“Boy: so your G cups are 40% larger than Amy’s Cs and 80% larger than Michelle’s A’s. That means that you have two-fifths more boobs than Amy [...]

Arg, I Think I Got Some *Caption* in my Eye!

It’s a cold and miserable day where I live, so let’s stay cozy inside today and play another round of everyone’s favourite caption game!

Last time you all did really well and it was hard to pick just three top captions:

“He hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask out [...]