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First *Caption* Of the New Year!

It’s been months since we last played everyone’s fave blog game!

Last time you guys did pretty well, but this one was definitely the best suggestion:

Boy: so your G cups are 40% larger than Amy’s Cs and 80% larger than Michelle’s A’s. That means that you have two-fifths more boobs than Amy and four-fifths larger than Michelle.

Blue hair: See? I told you that I could make your math homework more exciting.”

So let’s see how to do this time!

For those of you new to the game, here is how we play.

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:

and then you TELL me what the character(s) might be thinking and/or saying!

Ready? Go!

24 comments to First *Caption* Of the New Year!

  • Zeke25

    purple hair: WHO FARTED!!!

  • Birdie and Bee

    Green hair: What are they all staing at?

  • Birdie and Bee

    Green Hair: Isin’t this the Penal System Re-evaluation convention?

  • Oscar

    I thought it was supposed to be the sorting HAT!!!

  • Very Good Karma

    Green Hair: Okay everybody, do it just like we practiced- let’s make our parents proud!

    All: …5-6-7-8… NA-KED IN AM-ERI-CA!

  • Very Good Karma

    Argh, I meant *purple* hair.

  • Shaun

    Church attendance hit an all-time high when they introduced the nude choir.

  • horny guy

    ladies and gentlemen, you’re bidding on a orgy with all of us! All proceeds will benefit ED research….. and from the looks of it, the men in the audience aren’t suffering from ED…

  • CBM

    We the people in order to form a more perfect union hold these boobs to be self evident that all boobs are not created equal but are enjoyable no matter the size

  • LMM

    The Spice Girls began to regret having Girls Gone Wild sponsor their latest tour….

  • Ang

    The student council was a little surprised to learn that they had misprinted the “prom meeting” flyers as “pr0n meeting”…

  • zkid

    Redhead: “And that concludes our presentation on The Nudist Lifestyle.”

  • ABC

    The porn school’s 6 new rookies never thought of taking “72 hours of love for admission” at face value…

  • NDO

    You moron! The teacher said to imagine the AUDIENCE naked to ease your nerves when speaking in public!

  • powerpetfreak23

    Purple N, Green N, Brown N, Orange N, Blue N, black N!! And with our powers combined we are…. * all do exagerated hand and body movements that causes their breasts to jiggle hypnoticly* Naked Rangers!! We use our super breasts, model-like bodies, and young tight cunts to defeat pent-up virgins everywhere!! N~ aked Rangers!!

  • Julien

    It’s a good thing they can’t see our futa penises… that would be _really_ embarrassing.

  • Seraph

    …a moment later, the people were all bowing, dancing, and throwing flowers in joyous welcome of their glorious new nude overlords.

    A golden age of sex spread across the land.

  • LOLfap

    I can has cheezburger?

  • Dee

    Staring in horror at the sign that read, “Rude Thespians Meeting,” the nude lesbians knew they had come to the wrong convention.

  • Dude

    Teacher, 2nd from left of front row, well they said they would get the students to listen to the plight of the school.

  • JP

    I hate public speaking! How is pretending we’re all naked supposed to make it easier?

  • JJP

    So, who’s idea was it to hang a picture of an auditorium in the bathhouse?

  • Narcissu

    Anouncer: an now for the for the final run on mis universe, our contestants will walk on their birthday suits. “an here are our finalist!” *point at the girls*

  • ed

    ….and truancy rates dropped dramatically after the new teacher uniform policy took affect……or rather didn’t take affect….which ever.

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