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Arg, I Think I Got Some *Caption* in my Eye!

It’s a cold and miserable day where I live, so let’s stay cozy inside today and play another round of everyone’s favourite caption game!

Last time you all did really well and it was hard to pick just three top captions:

He hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask out the new receptionist. He needed something that said, “I think you’re cute, and I love your hair,” but subtlety had never been his strong suit …

I’m sorry, with these headphones on I didn’t quite get that. Come again?

Wow! These new, noise-canceling headphones make everything sound so real! Even this bukkake. I feel like I’m actually there!

I wonder if your performance will be as impressive this time. ^_~

For those of you new to the game, here is how we play.

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:

and then you TELL me what the character(s) might be thinking and/or saying!

All set?  Good!
Get to it!

9 comments to Arg, I Think I Got Some *Caption* in my Eye!

  • NDO

    See, I TOLD you I Chinese Democracy is overrated!

  • SS

    Girl with blue hair: “Kyo-kun! You’re such a naughty boy to be watching hentai when I’m available!”

  • Si Si

    So what do you think of my blog, eh. Pretty shocking!

    And thats where babys come from, wanna practice on one of us ;)

  • Heff

    Boy: “Mom, why do you always have to bring your bridge club into my room when I’m masturbating?”

  • Darth

    Boy: “OK, I messed up on the last one, so… Let’s see… Ummm, 32G-cup???”

  • Cayman J

    Boy: so your G cups are 40% larger than Amy’s Cs and 80% larger than Michelle’s A’s. That means that you have two-fifths more boobs than Amy and four-fifths larger than Michelle.

    Blue hair: See? I told you that I could make your math homework more exciting.

  • FS


    Girls in the room: *GASP*

  • Dee

    Blue-Haired Teacher: “I know that myself and your classmates turn you on, but we’ve been over this – you can’t just whip it out and read “Diary of a Futa” during math class.”

  • Gray

    Boy: “Damn, the interactivity of this game is so indepth! its almost as if im there!”

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