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This Year I’m Dressing Up as a *Caption*!

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We haven’t played the caption game since July!

No wonder some of you have been e-mailing me, asking me to post another round!

Well ta da!

Last time you did pretty well, here were a couple of my faves:

Allright!! A hole-in-one on the 18th means we all get another free game of minigolf!

The ad for superhero school said “Discover your own super power!” So while Lisa was somewhat disappointed to learn hers was the ability to tell jokes with her asshole, she was popular at happy hour.

Now I’m curious to see how you’ll fare with this special Halloween-themed round

For those of you new to the game, here is how we play.

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:20091026191625

and then you TELL me what the character(s) might be thinking and/or saying!


10 comments to This Year I’m Dressing Up as a *Caption*!

  • SacanagemLeeku

    Mina said “Who just touched my clit?”
    And it was at this moment that the pumpkin realized that it had grown a phallus shaped root.

  • Tank

    Halloween. When you can dress REALLY naughty, have some fun with friends, and get free candy for it!

  • anon

    The trio of boys were a bit surprised when, at midnight, *almost* everything thing turned back to normal…

  • Not a caption… just wondering why the pumpkin looks like the guy from Monopoly and whether the Jewish witch in the middle wants to be my date this Saturday?

  • Mabel

    “Darn these wily college kids! Back in my day, if we wanted to go trick-or-treating, we’d have to cut up our own bed sheets and hike twenty miles to the nearest hou- oh, nice outfits.”

  • A.

    “We are sorry Master, we thought we should PAINT the pumpkin and not CARVE it… do we get another spanking as punishment now?”

  • anon

    Around here you EARN your milk moustache! C’mere, you’re next…

  • Dee

    The three friends were inseparable, and every year, they wore the same classic Halloween costumes: the cat-girl, the Jewess, and the demon bat-girl with the funky earpiece.

  • Gilman

    The temptations offered by Lucy, Marcy, and Peppermint Patty kept the Great Pumpkin from his appointment at the nearby pumpkin patch…

  • katjapurrs

    Don’t worry Mina, your futa secret is safe with us. Now as for the pumpkin-fucking….

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