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Film Fridays 15 – Luck O’ The Irish

Hope you’re wearing green today!
Because if you’re not, I’m going to have to pinch your bottom!
(or maybe I’ll pinch you regardless!)

It was surprisingly hard to find a sexy St. Patrick’s Day vid
So I tried to stock this post with other goodies to make up for the silliness of the vid that I did find:
click HERE (and play movie) to enjoy this week’s film.

And click HERE to play a fun little game involving leprechauns and beer (my high score was 545, can you beat that?)
AND click HERE to visit the official Guinness St. Patrick’s Day site.

Have a great day/evening/night – if you can’t enjoy some green beer, then at least have some green tea ^_~

17 comments to Film Fridays 15 – Luck O’ The Irish

  • A Nawty Mouz

    Lucky pasties!

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  • Aragorn

    Lovely vid, and LOVELY picture … ! Happy St. Patrick’s Day dear !

  • DZER

    faith and begorrah!


  • :P fuzzbox

    Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. Have a great St. Pat’s.

  • JUnderCovers

    So where does the bottom-pinching line form? I happen to be wearing green, but there’s no way I’m passing up a chance to get pinched by you, Shay!

    And for the record, green beer is for poseurs on SPD. Guinness is the only truly acceptable drink. :)

  • Wino & Wife

    If you have six Black and Tans, does it count as three pints og Guinness? Just wondering since it will take that many to get Jen to put on her pasties.

    Happy SPD


  • JeN

    and how many hours of drinking do you plan on getting in today?

  • Shay

    Nawty – I dunno, I hope they don’t hurt to take off!

    Aragorn – Thanks Hun! Happy ST Patty’s to you too.

    Dzer – I’m hope you’re getting in my pinching line!

    Fuzz – Aww thanks! You too!

    J Under – The line is just over there *rolls up sleeves* hehe
    Green Beer may be for posers, but it’s cheap and I’m a student ^_~
    Tell you what, You can pinch me for being a poser.

    Ken – hehe well better get her started on those then! ^_^

  • Shay

    JeN – Bah I’ll be working in the lab today and then going over to the PAC before I start. So Unfortunetly not that many. BUT I am going out tonight ^_^ So I should be able to get all my drinking done then.

  • Cayman J

    So where is that line for getting pinched again? I like the pasties that the chick is wearing but she needed a guiness in between them. Enjoy your green beer Shay. A shamrock shake and guiness tonight is my plan.

  • Strumpet

    Smithwick’s is pretty fuckin’ good ale, yo. And very nice on St. Paddy’s Day.

    Shay, I’m so glad to hear your goin’ out tonight…have an amazing time!

    And I loved that shamrock pasties pic so much I saved it.

    I need to find me a leprechaun to play with.

  • Madame X

    I asked you not to post that picture of my breasts!!!



  • ArtfulDodger

    Ok I admit it, can’t stop staring at the boobie picture. A simple man with simple pleasures.

    Hope you had a great time last night Shay! Happy.

  • one

    Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day. We add you to the HNT list on our blog. Your’s is FANTASTIC!

  • Sabrina Morgan

    Happy belated St. P’s day!

  • Shay

    CayJ – haha You don’t get to be in the line to be pinched! ^_~ But, you can be in the line to pinch me (though i DID wear green)

    Strumpet – You’re such a sweety! I did have a great time out last night. ^_^ *pinch*

    X – hahaha well you shouldn’t have sent it sexy! It was just too hot!!
    [NB - the pic isn't really our lovely Madame, BUT check out her blog to see real pix of her hotness]

    Art – haha well now I know you had a good time, looking at the boobie pic. I had a great night , thanks for asking babe.

    HC – thanks! that’s so nice of you!

    Sabrina – To you too dear!

  • Lil Bit

    Hooray for boobies!
    Your pasties ROCKKK!!

    Happy belated hnt/spd! =)

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