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A Lazy Saturday ~ Sugasm 26

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No real post today, sorry folks.
But, in an attempt to make up for my laziness, please enjoy a photo of me from last night. (You are so spoiled!)

This was taken during our chocolate martini phase of the evening (after the Irish whisky and bar hopping attempts, but before pizza and the apple and mint martinis), you can’t see it in this pic, but I’m also wearing an awesome green hat.

Here, see! – an apple martini and an after-eight mint martini! yum yum!

And now, so as to not leave you totally bored on this quiet Saturday afternoon, feel free to enjoy some posty goodness with the Sugasm:

Posts are cut at N within each category, categories shift around and change between editions depending on what you send me, and you can get in on the next one by using this form. More new blogs this edition, and some old favorites coming back. Yay! It’s all NSFW – read with caution and happy St. Patrick’s day weekend.

Last Night Jane Was Spoiled (…)
Metal Gear Friday (…)
Pornstar Grandad’s Secret: Topical Garlic (…)
Red Eye (…)

Met Models: Zyta (…)
Pool Party at Abby Winters (…)
Saturday Babes (…)
Sexy Tomiko (…)
Erotica-Obscura (
Film Fridays 15 – Luck O’ The Irish (…)
HNT #8 (…)

Fetish and BDSM
A Morning School Fantasy (…)
Seven Messy Girls on Abby Winters (…)
Commit to Crossing the Threshold (…)
Foot Fetish Photoset (…)
Interview with Sexy Kittens (…)

Sex News and Commentary / Sexual Politics
Lexington Steele Daintily Dips Heterosexual Toes in Not-Gay Water (…)
The New Porn Apartheid – Luke Fords Rebuttal Rebutted (…)
South Dakota Paper Bans Abortion Opinion (…)
Top 5 Disappointments and Surprises While Watching Porn (…)
Body Image and Sexual Risk Taking (…)
Girls Warned Not to ‘Go Wild’ on Spring Break (…)

Miscellanea – Sexy Advice, Reviews, & Announcements
Two Straight Men Doing Anal Together (…)
Dermaphoria Fever (…)
A Game For New (And Old) Lovers (…)
I am Shocked, Amazed, and Bewildered! (…)

The Mind Blowing Blowjob (…)
My 1st Shave by the Teacher… (…)
Niagara Fantasy (…)
Separated Only by Distance (…)
True Secret: Two Firsts in New York (…)
Webcam Solo Sex (…)
Coffee, Tea, or… (…)
Deeper, deeper, inside, inside (…)
Diary of a Debauched Man (…)
I Had No Intentions… pt 1 (…)

Fantasies & Fiction
Lecherous (…)
Lesbian Seduction on Sapphic Erotica (…)
My Ache for You (…)
Overwhelmed (…)
Talking Dirty (…)
Threesome (…)
Wake (…)
Fingers (…)

6 comments to A Lazy Saturday ~ Sugasm 26

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    Mint martinis? Really?
    I want to try that.
    Was it good?
    I’m partial to martinis and love trying new kinds. :o)

  • lildirtynini

    Mmmm… Apple Martinis…

  • DZER

    ya needed to bend over just a TEENSY bit more … show off those beauties ….

    your tits!! not your eyes!!

    I mean … umm …

    no … I meant tits … *sigh*

    Dirty DZER
    (done dirt cheap)

  • :P fuzzbox

    Those martinis look good and you look quite festive for the occasion.

  • Strumpet


    I love AC/DC.

    And Shay’s tits.

    And those chocolate martini phases of the night.

    So, let’s throw on some Back in Black…get out the shakers….and play some strip poker.

  • Wino & Wife

    At least you posted something. We just posted the Sugasm.

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