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Green HNT

I had a beautiful HNT all set up and ready to go, but then I visited Dzer’s page and heard about the plot to bring a little early St. Patrick’s Day cheer to our blogs with our HNT posts.

So, since I like to participate in stuff AND since I’m a quarter Irish, I decided to make a NEW and Improved (i.e. shamrock-ified) HNT post for your blogging pleasure.

Observe the delicious Green Beer and the adorable Shamrock

Oh *off topic* do you remember Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s? I haven’t had one in years (I think they’ve been discontinued – the high school kids at the location I checked last year looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to order it!)
Well, I went and tried the new Mint Oreo Blizzard last weekend – it’s green and tasty (just like the shamrock shake but with yummy oreo goodness)!

Need another view of my wonderful St Patty’s Day garb?
I love this top, from the front it looks all innocent and peasant-y but the back is all laces!
(Unfortunately, the only pic I could find that proves this, isn’t digitized and I’m too lazy to do it now).

In conclusion, wear green tomorrow (Friday) or I will be pinching your bottom!

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