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Paste Pumpers

Do you ever find yourself getting turned on while you brush your teeth? How about when you see your partner or roommate giving those pearly whites a good scrubbin’ ? Do toothbrush commercials make you hard?

Well, that doesn’t really surprise me since people who get turned on by tooth-brushing (Dentaphiles) are not all that common.
But they do exist!

Not too long ago JeN sent me a link to a site all about watching girls brush their teeth and getting turned on doing it.

Now I’m not talking about girls masturbating with vibrating toothbrushes (I don’t think that would appeal to the tooth-brushing-fetishists), and I’m not talking about the times you practiced getting ready for blow jobs by seeing how deep you could take your toothbrush (I had a childhood friend who tried to get me to try that).

I’m talking toothpaste on a brush and brushing your teeth before bed as erotica. How many people can say that they have a fetish that their dentist would approve of? ^_~

In fact, the site even has a little tooth brushing erotic story:

Still stood in stunned silence, the youngest of the four began to realize the stories she had heard were true, WBF girls school really was the hotbed of lesbian tooth brushing activity she’d been told and secretly dreamt about. She stepped over to where Mel was stood “Allow me” said the inexperienced youngster, and took her own freshly primed Boots’ travel size and began to massage Melanie’s teeth and gums with the firm bristles. Her enthusiastic brushing sent huge globs of thick white froth flying into the air which rained down onto the two of them and also onto the other two girls who were now naked and lying in a wriggling pile on the floor both holding a toothbrush and taking it in turns to brush each others teeth.

Moments later, Jodie felt something beginning to build inside her, she knew she had to have a toothbrush in her mouth soon or she was going to explode. Claire sensed her desire and quickly got to work, loading up her brush with another thick squirt of three stripe, she slid the contoured bristles past Jodie’s lips and began making slow circles of her molars, Jodie moaned loudly and the other girls gathered round sucking lazily on their brushes and preparing to witness the newest member of their group receive her first toothbrush induced orgasm.”

Mmm lesbian tooth-brushing.

Now I feel like I’m missing out on having toothbrush induced orgasms – maybe I’m using the wrong brush…

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15 comments to Paste Pumpers

  • Lance

    Shay, I’m not surprised by this, and I’m oddly amused by this…

    Speaking of oddities have you ever stumbled across a fish sauce brand called cock?

    Yes, it is true, and a competitor to Squid brand (neither contains squid or cock….)

    Going wildly off topic now, can’t you just imagine the comments while coking?

    “Please pass me the big bottle of cock”
    “Please hand me the bottle of fish cock sauce…”

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, and tooth brush…

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure if this is kinda hot, or kinda amusing. I know that I used to get really hot watching my ex shaving…

  • JeN

    this was one of my better “stupid link” finds. I am quite proud of that one. I was talking to a friend online and we were joking about absurb fetishes. As a joke, one of us mentioned brushing one’s teeth and, of course, I had to see if it existed on Google. Lo and behold…
    Though most of the other fetishes we imagined didn’t exist, such as being covered in stickers.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I didn’t know my lover is Dentaphile?: ) Every time I brush my teeth he comes from behind and starts pinching my but and rubbing himself against me. He says that teeth brusing reminds him of cock sucking, except you suck a brush instad of a cock :))))) and something white comes out of your mouth too :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m with bad bad girl on the hotness of watching an ex shave, sometimes it made me hot too. I also liked shaving him, but brushing his teeth, not my steez

  • ArtfulDodger

    Well this just proves it… :)

  • Gadfly


    While I do not, personally, get this …

    I cannot in any way condemn such an innocuous fetish :o)

    Linked ya!

  • exile

    well, on one hand, teeth brushing isn’t really that sexy. but unbrushed teeth, well that’s just downright unsexy.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool site! Thanks for sharing Shay! I signed the guestbook too. lol

  • Whatever

    And we haven’t even touched on dental floss ;-)

  • That guy you just can't quite figure out

    Holy crap is this a joke? Did the maker of this website actually get off to toothbrushing women or did he make it up one day in some deranged lunatic high he was having?..

  • figleaf

    A couple of years ago I went on a Google rampage, picking the most obscure activities I could imagine and trying to find one that did *not* already have an associated porn/fetish site. Un-covered activities were remarkably rare.

    As for toothbrushing, I dunno. I wouldn’t make a fetish out of it but all the little shimmies and gyrations front and back, top and bottom, that go with brushing your teeth are kind of easy on the eye.

    Anyway, I think a fixation would be weird but as part of the eroticism of our everyday lives I think it’s pretty nice.

    By the way, have you ever brushed someone else’s teeth or had them brush yours? Head in lap it’s pretty intimate.

    Take care,


  • Shay

    Lance – Funny you should mention cock brand fish sauce, I rencently noticed that that is the brand I have in my fridge!

    BBG – yeah shaving is kinda sexy, I agree…

    JeN – *gasp*! How did you find out about my secret lifestyle?! I mean… being covered in stickers? How silly!

    BadWifey – I can see the association!

    TG – Oh I’d be too afraid to shave a man’s face, I’d be too worried about cutting him, but that’s just me.

    Art – haha

    Gadfly – thanks babe!

    exile – I agree, unbrushed teeth are not very sexy at all!

    SDJ – cool

    Whatevs – haha!!

    ThatGuy – I think it’s legit, but then one never can be sure.

    Figs – Thanks for stopping by hun! I just thought of something else sexy about watching a woman brush her teeth – if she’s doing a good job her breasts will jiggle. I agree, as every-day eroticism it is pretty good. ^_~ Alas, I have never brushed or had my teeth brushed by someone else. Sounds like I am missing out!

  • Anonymous

    So, Shay, how deep could you take that toothbrush when you were practicing with your childhood friend?

  • Shay

    haha I don’t remember ^_~

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