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Film Fridays 49 – Handy Pornstars

Maybe the stereotype isn’t completely accurate.

3 comments to Film Fridays 49 – Handy Pornstars

  • Gadfly

    What stereotype?

    I’m sure martha stewart sews those elastic anchors on her sheets.

    (Yeesh! I just gave myself the willies)

  • Cherrie

    Actually, I don’t think all (or even most) adult film stars are empty-headed idiots. After all, they have contracts and make money doing something the rest of us give out for free! But it’s hard to get enough service years to qualify for a pension . . .

  • Shay

    Gadfly – Haha I bet Marth’s sheets stay in place because she tells them to!

    Cherrie – exactly! Though I have met one or two who, well, didn’t seem like the brightest bulbs in the room; though they were still very sweet and were knowledgeable when it came to their careers.

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