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Be Gentle, It’s My First *Caption*


It’s time to play another round of the caption game!

Last time you guys did pretty well, these were my faves:

Church attendance hit an all-time high when they introduced the nude choir.

We the people in order to form a more perfect union hold these boobs to be self evident that all boobs are not created equal but are enjoyable no matter the size

You moron! The teacher said to imagine the AUDIENCE naked to ease your nerves when speaking in public!

Staring in horror at the sign that read, “Rude Thespians Meeting,” the nude lesbians knew they had come to the wrong convention.

But I wonder how you’ll do THIS time ^_~

For those of you new to the game, here is how we play.

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while exploring the internets:futa train

and then you TELL me what the character(s) might be thinking and/or saying!

Got your thinking undies on? Good!
Get to it!

22 comments to Be Gentle, It’s My First *Caption*

  • Ang

    It was incredibly difficult for Sissy to concentrate on her work with the noises coming from the seat behind her. This daily commute with assigned seats was getting tedious, and… what just hit her in the back of the head???

  • Eric

    Everybody does something different on their way to work, nobody knows where Susan works because she gets off at every stop!

  • scottward

    while Ally cant stop txting, and Lilly still nom nom noming, Betty constantly working, leaves Susie time to keep on cuming

  • Matt Murdock

    girl 1- that vibration wasn’t my phone

    girl 2- those groans weren’t my stomach

    girl 3- what is this hitting my seat

    girl 4- I hope I’m not bothering anyone

  • CBM

    Seat 1- damn the vibe function on my phone isn’t working!
    Seat 2- Oh how I love sausage!
    Seat 3- Four letter word for a woman’s body part?
    Seat 4- And they say I’m the weird one!

  • Mihal Aviri

    Seat 1: Texts to seat four, “stop making so many vibrations I can’t feel my phone ring.”
    Seat 2: “Driver why are the shocks so bad on this bus?”
    Seat 3: “Dam it, I’m trying to work here,” turns around over the seat. “Oh,” slips into seat behind her.
    Seat 4: “I was wondering when you were going to cum back here.”

  • S

    Everyone has an addiction, some are addicted to their cell phone, others to food or their Nintendo DS. Kate’s constant public jerk off sessions were an addiction that would get her arrested.

  • JJP

    Then the narrator says, “These are some of the many ways girls use their hands to help pass the time. Oh, and what a rare occasion! We can also see how a Futa passes the time with her hands.”

  • NDO

    Don’t you wish YOU had a hands-free headset?

  • Twilek

    Pictures of your boyfriend naked on your cellphone, 15.99$ a month.
    Eating a hotdog on an every day bus ride, 6.99$.
    Playing your ds while on the bus ride, 199$
    Spraying cum all over 3 fellow bus passengers, priceless. For everything else, theres The S Spot!

  • Tank

    Apparently, the emergency exit steats really ARE the most fun!

  • Tank

    sorry, that was supposed to read: “Apparently, the emergency exit seats really ARE the most fun!” (stupid typos!)

  • Shaun

    Everyone else on the bus neglected to tell Helen that the bathroom was actually located in Row E.

  • Sonimon

    At first glance, it would appear that the girl in the back row belongs to the Decepticon School for Girls. At a second, she’s stroking her cock. Priorities are important.

    ~Okay, it’s not that great, but all I could think of after seeing the patch on her shoulder was the Transformers. Damned 80′s.~

  • CaymanJ

    First Seat: Damn! Why won’t he call?
    Second Seat: Mmmmmm. Good.
    Third Seat: What am I going to do? This report is due tomorrow. I have this to do, that to do.
    Fourth Seat: AAAAHHHHH! YES! The next chapter of DOAF comes out soon. I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Very Good Karma

    Oh, God! Yes! I’m commuting!

  • Very Good Karma

    Uh, the comment above is intended to be coming from- er, being said by- girl number four. If that’s not obvious.

    Second idea:

    Narrator: Having something with which to stay busy is the secret to a happy commute.

  • Narcissu

    1- OMG, i’m gona be late.
    2- OMG, i’m gona get fat.
    3- OMG, i cant figure this out.
    4- OMG, i’m gona cum!

  • Dee

    And for the rest of his life, having seen three hotties and a futa sitting so close together on a bus, nothing else was ever able to give him a boner again.

  • Very Good Karma

    I’ve been wanking on the railroad
    All the live-long day.
    I’ve been wanking on the railroad
    Just to pass the time away.

  • janjy

    Seat 1: “Damn, I really need to get a boyfriend.”
    Seat 2: “Damn, I really need to get a boyfriend.”
    Seat 3: “Damn, I really need to get a boyfriend.”
    Seat 4: “Damn, it’s good to be a futa!”

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