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CockCUNTBlogging Wednesday 12

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In the month of February I observe V-Day.
no, not valentine’s day, V-Day – the V stands for many things, but most importantly it stands for Vagina and for Victory. It’s a world-wide movement to raise awareness and bring an end to violence against women and girls and their vaginas.

Thus, for the month of February, The S Spot belongs to the pussies.
That’s right, Cuntblogging every week, all month long!

So for the next three weeks I hope my CBW boys who have already sent in photos can wait patiently while I ask for Proud Pussies, Courageous Cunts, and Vivacious Vaginas to be sent to me at [email protected] .

We are lucky enough to be able to start this off with a great shot from one of my favourite exhibitionists. I give you Cuddleslut and her Hungry Honey-Pot:
My vagina is a shell, a round pink tender shell, opening and closing, closing and opening. My vagina is a flower, an eccentric tulip, the center acute and deep, the scent delicate, the petals gentle but sturdy.

It was better than the Grand Canyon, ancient and full of grace. It had the innocence and freshness of a proper English garden. It was funny, very funny. It made me laugh. It could hide and seek, open and close. It was a mouth. It was the morning. And then it momentarily occurred to me that it was ME, my vagina: it was who I was. It was not an entity. It was inside of me.”

excerpt from “The Vagina Workshop” of the Vagina Monologues

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