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Toy Review – Death by Orgasm

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The nice folks at LoveHoney must have know that I was intending to dress up as the undead for Halloween when they sent me this Death by Orgasm vibe.  As you can see from the pic, it comes in a cute coffin shaped tin that hinges open to reveal a bullet vibe and battery resiting in the red lined interior.

It’s a small vibe – about as long as my index finger and around twice as thick – but it’s tapered so that the “business end” is thicker than the end with on-off switch.  It’s made of phthalate free velvety rubber.  Like I just mentioned, it has an on-off switch (that actually works) and is single speed.  The vibe is also waterproof – so you can take it in the bath or shower.

What I liked: I was impressed with the feel of the vibe, I think it’s definitely the nicest bullet in my collection.  It’s too bad that it only has one speed – but at least that one speed is pretty decent.  I was happy that the on-off switch actually worked (since you know I’ve had issues with that kind of thing before) and it was quiet – as promised.

What I didn’t like: no big complaints here; though, while I love it when toys come with batteries (like this one), the battery included is a little unusual (N), so I’m not sure how easy it will be to get a replacement later.

This toy would be great for: any vamp-lover looking for a neat bullet vibe!  It’s also a nice little toy to take to bed with another member of your coven because it’s small enough that it won’t get in the way and it feels so silky smooth. ^_~

Death by Orgasm scares up a decent 6.5 out of 10:65of10

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