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New Sex Poll!

We all know sex feels good,
but which position really does it for you,
makes you cum instantly and/or super hard
nearly every time you do it;
which position is your “magic” position?


“Girl on Top”?

“Doggy Style”?

Standing and facing each other or Standing, but from behind?

The “Reverse Cowgirl”?

Legs over the Shoulder?

The Reverse Missionary?
(like a cross between missionary and doggy style: where the bottom lays flat, facing the mattress)

Or something else?
Cast your vote!

Which Sex Position Does It For You?
Gal on Top
Doggy Style
Standing (facing)
Standing (from behind)
Reverse CowGirl
Legs Over the Shoulders
Reverse Missionary
None yet – I don’t have sex

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14 comments to New Sex Poll!

  • Beth

    Doggie Style works everytime.

  • single gal

    girl on top with a vibe under my clit is fabulous.
    plus i get to be in control.

    but i do enjoy the brute-ness of doggy style.

  • ArtfulDodger

    I must say I am a big fan of them all!

  • Letter Four

    Wow.. so many folks not having sex at all… impressive!!

  • Stealth

    I am not letting up on the avatar vote Shay. :>

  • Anonymous

    I love it from behind.

  • Jim

    I guess just “her being interested” would go under “Other?” Lol.

    I know which one Shay would pick . . . I know which one Shay would pick . . .


  • Cain

    reverse cowgirl!

    (of course)



  • padme amidala

    Doggy style!
    padme amidala

  • Cain


    Hey! A guy can change his mind..can’t he??


  • Fluxedup

    what no option for all of the above?

  • Iris Caldor

    Stupid comment system.
    Just can’t beat tribadism. ._.;

  • Maikeru

    One that I use often is one that my previous girlfriend and I sort of devised when we were seeing what sort of position worked best for my benefit. I never found any articles on it (I searched online and occasionally through a female friend’s Cosmos). However, I eventually found one photo of something similar in Japanese porn and then another. Then I started finding it in hentai manga as well as hentai anime. Apparently this position isn’t known to the west, but is somehow latent knowledge amongst people of an Eastern lineage. ^_-

    Regardless, I’ll offer you guys this position since it drives the girl crazy no matter what the length or girth of the guy is (I hope to popularize it). The girl lies on her side (which ever the girl prefers or which ever side is easiest for the guy to penetrate during) with her lower leg (the one against the bed) straightened as if she were standing. Her upper leg (the one not against the bed) is then positioned so that if she were standing she’d be balancing on one foot—make sure that the thigh is making a 90° angle with the body at the hip and don’t worry about how her knee is bent. The guy then penetrates (it will take a bit of cooperation and the girl will have to lift her upper leg towards the ceiling to spread open) by straddling her lower leg while kneeling. From there they guy does his thing. If you have a hard time envisioning this, it kind of looks like “scissoring”, but with one person in a kneeling position instead of reclining. A fun trick with this position is that the if the girl’s upper leg is lifted toward the ceiling by a little, you can get the sort of deep feeling penetration that normally would require a “legs over head” position. If the girl’s upper leg gently pushed more towards the bed, it “tightens” her up causes her vagina to rub more strongly against the guy’s penis—it also tends to stimulate the clit and it’s also a good time for the guy to try to angle his hips so that he can massage her g-spot during the relatively short thrusts (far easier in this position than other ones). I give you one warning; the guy may have to lift or lower the upper leg since sometimes this position may offer too much stimulation for either side.

  • Shay

    Lol You must not have been looking in the right places because I’ve definitely heard of and seen pictures of that position for many years, even before I got into hentai. ^_^ I haven’t even picked up a cosmo in nearly ten years, and I’m sure I’ve seen that in their kama sutra features.

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