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Has Anyone Seen My Glasses?

Well, you learn something new everyday.

I recently heard about a fandom (and fetish) called Meganekko – an obession with girls wearing glasses (“Megane” = glasses and “ko” = girl).

I have to admit that the right glasses on the right person can look really sexy. And as a glasses wearer myself, the idea that there is a whole group of people who adore glasses on women is rather encouraging.
That’s one fetish I can fulfill with no strain at all!

[Note that Mizuho up there is wearing glasses similar in style to my own ^_^]

A lot of anime and hentai characters actually do wear glasses from time to time and the beauty of being an anime/hentai fan who has a thing for megannekko is that any of your favorite characters easily can be drawn with glasses to suit your needs. ^_^

Sometimes this fandom (or fetish) is paired with the maid or school girl fandoms for a deadly combination of innocent AND sexy AND geeky/obedient.

I also spotted a place where you can buy some pretty hot maganekko fetish manga HERE.
Enjoy! ^_^

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21 comments to Has Anyone Seen My Glasses?

  • JeN

    As a fellow glasses-wearer, I salute this!

  • Desireous

    Well I’ve always found men with glasses sexy. I wouldn’t say its a fetish but I think glasses look sexy on a guy perhaps cause they look smarter and I love smart men!


  • Cayman J

    The right type of glasses just sets of the face and makes women just that much sexier. Seeing as I am a guy that wears glasses, it’s nice to know that some women like that.

  • Matt

    There are a few chicks I wouldn’t realy find hot at all without there glasses. I know that sounds bad.

  • ArtfulDodger

    That is cool Shay, i guess pretty much everything under the sun goes here. ;) I’ve always found women to be very attractive with or without glasses. But that’s me.

    I’m more excited to learn that Des finds smart men attractive! :)

  • tCj


    …a friend of mine has a similar kinda thing…only he has a thing for wearing other women’s glasses….see it here

    …BUT i must point out he doesn’t get off on it…just is fascinated with it….(i’m not helping, ami? lol)

  • :P fuzzbox

    The right glasses can indeed accentuate many facial qualities. And it helps with the naughty teacher fantasies as well.

  • Aragorn

    Very well spotted sweetie ! Nice. I have been asked to wear plain glas glasses by a long ago girlfriend … same fetish … So funny. Hugs – A

  • bedroomdancer

    Ohh! I wear glasses! Feel free to picture me exactly like her. Except without the magenta hair. Mine is more honey blond.

  • Passionate Man

    Glasses on a confident woman ROCK! It’s just one more layer of separation I want to rip through and get to the vixen underneath. Then again, feminine and confident is always sexy.

    See the “Pocky” candy box she’s holding? Pocky rules…especially for those with an oral fixation they need to feed…lol.

  • Elizabeth

    I used to hate wearing my glasses. Now that it seems to be all the rage, I think I might just change my tune.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Shay,

    I have been trying to email you a question but can’t seem to see your address. Would you put it in your next post please.

  • Big Ed

    I personally have a thing for it…but only on the right person…it’s the whole naughty librarian look…mix that with a little teacher fetish…and you can have a wondefully HOT fantasy going :-)


  • Shay

    Jen – Right on!!

    Des – I agree, there’s something about smart men that just gets me going…

    Cayman J – Hehe, are you talking about me?

    Matt – Sounds like a serious case of Manganekko! ^_^ Not bad at all!

    ArtfulD – haha but aren’t there some women who look surprisingly more stunning when you catch them with glasses on?

    tcj – sounds like what kids I knew used to do in High School: as soon as someone got their first pair of glasses there was always a group of people who wanted to try them on. lol

    Fuzz – Young man, I think you are going to have to stay after class and write lines!! (apperantly I do a great teacher voice)

    Aragorn – At least they were plain glass. When I was researching this topic, I discovered that some people will wear real strength glasses paired with contacts to counter the perscription!

    BedRDancer – We’re twins! Except that my hair is red and short. ^_^ But my glasses are nearly the same as hers too. ^_^

    Passionate Man – I looove pocky. This is actually included in the drawing because Mihuzo loves pocky and eats it all the time (it reminds her of her father – tho, because of copyrights, it’s called pochy)

    EB – I know! seems like the thicker the frames the better these days.

    Anonymous – my e-mail is [email protected] (it’s in my sidebar) Hope to hear from you soon. ^_^

  • Shay

    big ed – looks like you are going to be writing lines for me after school too! tsk tsk You’re supposed to be quiet in the library! naughty naughty!

  • figleaf

    Hmm. I have nearly the same glasses as well though I don’t think they look as good on me as they do on the anime girl or, I suspect, you.

    I’ve always wanted to make passes at girls who wear glasses. It’s not a fetish or anything, certainly not a requirement, just a pretty accent that looks nicer than most people seem able to recognizes.

    Thanks, Shay.


  • Naked Condo

    I wrote about Meganekko on June 30, 2005, as “girls with glasses” is an important element of one of my blog’s subthemes of naked geeks.

  • Adam

    Oh, yes. I (heart) Joy of Spex. Yum! (Or, as they say: “Girls. Glasses. Amen!”)

  • righthandedanie

    oh dear god, that looks like me. I have those glasses and that long red hair. I am going back brunette.
    I wonder if there is one like that as a brunette.

  • brendon

    Onegai teacher! really loved that anime.. Spex = *drool*

  • GreyWolf

    All I can say is that in my experiences all of the women that turned me on (mentally & physically ) the most wore glasses.

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