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Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Get out your treat bag – The S Spot has got some spoooky goodies for you:

A cock-o-lantern!

Sexy Costumes for girls!

A little pumpkin carving – for adults!

The 5 ways Halloween can be good for your sex life!

Some great S Spot inspired [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 123


Yikes – looks like this week’s submission already has it’s Halloween costume on!
(click the image to take a peek underneath)

“Hi Shay, I love your blog.  I hope everyone enjoys my hard cock, I am really excited showing it to you“

S Spot Inspired Costume Ideas

We here at The S Spot know how hard it can be to come up with a good Halloween costume – something that will impress your friends with it’s originality but that’s sexy too.  Stress no longer – we’re here to help you out this year with some hot costumes inspired from the posts of [...]

Diary of a Futa (part 5)

Are you ready for the next exciting chapter of DoaF?!  Wait, let me answer that for you: no, you’re probably not  – not unless you’re all caught up with the series (starting with Part 1)!  At the very least you’ll want to re-read starting from Part 3 before you continue with this installment, to set [...]

Arg, I Think I Got Some *Caption* in my Eye!

It’s a cold and miserable day where I live, so let’s stay cozy inside today and play another round of everyone’s favourite caption game!

Last time you all did really well and it was hard to pick just three top captions:

“He hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask out [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 122

Look what I found in the back of the fridge – some leftovers from Cocktoberfest!

Thoughts on Hentai

“I know that there’s certainly no shortage of hentai fangirls, but I’ve long wondered what proportion of them are hetero/homo/bisexual. Considering hentai’s focus on voluptuous young ladies I’d hazard a guess that the latter two may be predominant, but I’d be interested to see the reality (as much as a small-scale survey on a hentai-themed [...]

Book Review – Best Erotic Comics 2008

Greta Christina has compiled together a fine sampling of erotic comics from a number of fantastic artists from all over the world and printed them all in one book for our enjoyment.

Some of the stories take up a few pages, some take up only one page; some of the stories are touching, some are steamy [...]

Cocktoberfest ’08 – Closing Ceremonies

That’s it for another season of Cocktoberfest here at The S Spot – I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s exciting offerings!

But before you shed a tear, don’t forget that you’ll still get to see plenty of naughty bits every week for CBW!

Now, let’s finish things off with one more [...]


oh my!