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Cocktoberfest ’08 Day9!

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Today’s pic comes from Rob!

Can you guess what his favourite beer is?

“Hey, just want to give you some material for your great blog. And to show off a little at [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 31

Today’s submission comes from Shani

Of course, you can go ahead and take that lemon to go with your cocktoberfest beer – you might find a pleasant surprise underneath it when you do. ^_~

“Hey, I’ve been reading for a bit, and decided that I’d try to contribute to cuntblogging  Wednesdays [...]

Cocktoberfest ’08 – Day8!

Today’s pic comes from Si

What a helpful guy!

“I read that your supplies are running low for photos so i thought id contribute a pic, I’ve never been too confident in how my member looks or if it’s the right shape or size etc so best way to [...]

A couple of questions about sex… of all things

“I know certain medications have the ability to affect your libido. But can it affect your ability to achieve orgasm? I’m single at the moment so this is all self-induced.  I switched birth controls not to long ago and I’m wondering if it is the source of my problem. I don’t have any trouble getting [...]

Cocktoberfest ’08 – Day7!

Today’s pic comes from Jon who, according to his e-mail addy, wants to be a porn star.

Well, Cocktoberfest is as good a place as any to start!

But why would he want to measure a beer bottle?  Oooh… click the img to see what he’s really doing:

Mmmm Pumpkin Pie

Cocktoberfest ’08 – Day6!

Wow another appearance from a fellow that we also saw last year!
Who knew Cocktoberfest could be good for your sex life – me, that’s who!

“Sent a shot in for Cocktoberfest last year thanks to the suggestion of my girlfriend. Something about sharing my cock on your website set her [...]

Cocktoberfest ’08 Day 5!

Today’s submission was too late for last year’s festival, but it turns out that he’s right on time for this year!

Product Review – The Pleaser

The Pleaser from Laura’s Things is a beast, in fact that is what I have affectionately nick-named it.  It’s so big that I was a little intimidated when I took it out of the box and so heavy that I was afraid to drop it, lest I ruin my floor tiles!   Then again, what else [...]

Cocktoberfest ’08 – Day4

It’s just not Cocktoberfest without an appearance from Ronan!

Which… weirdly… is what I said when I posted him last year too.
Seriously though, what will I do if he doesn’t send in a pic next year?!
Cry, I’m sure – and then go knocking down his door (since I’m pretty sure we live [...]