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Product Review – The Pleaser

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The Pleaser from Laura’s Things is a beast, in fact that is what I have affectionately nick-named it.  It’s so big that I was a little intimidated when I took it out of the box and so heavy that I was afraid to drop it, lest I ruin my floor tiles!   Then again, what else would you expect from an 8 inch long toy with an aluminum shaft and a stainless steel head?

One of the cool things about metal toys is that they are really easy to clean and sterilize: there are no moving parts to damage with water and they can stand being put in the dishwasher. They are also great for temperature play.

The beast, Pleaser is a thick toy too (AAG calls it a soup can!), so I grabbed a bottle of lube and started work on the next chapter of DoaF before giving it a whirl.

What I liked: I know I was joking about it being so heavy, but I really liked the weight of it (once I was safely on the bed hehe) it seems to give the toy a little more force when you’re using it.  I also appreciated that both ends are fully insert-able and have different sized heads; you can warm up with the small head and then switch to the big one when you’re ready.  I also thought the ridges were fun, they held lube well and definitely contributed to the experience.

What I didn’t like:  There’s nothing that I didn’t really like per se; I will be sad to send it back to Laura now that it’s been reviewed!

This toy would be great for: anyone who enjoys using more substantial toys and is looking for a unique dildo that can offer some heavy vaginal stimulation. Where else will you find a toy that you can use both to satisfy yourself in bed and to beat up potential intruders?

The beast Pleaser surely deserves a 9… hmm, make that a 9.5 out of 10

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