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S Spot Inspired Costume Ideas

We here at The S Spot know how hard it can be to come up with a good Halloween costume – something that will impress your friends with it’s originality but that’s sexy too.  Stress no longer – we’re here to help you out this year with some hot costumes inspired from the posts of your very own favourite sex blog!

Cat Girl
Okay this one is a little obvious and possibly the easiest costume of all: a slinky sexy outfit, a pair of cat ears, and a tail.  If you want extra points though, forget the cat accessories and dress as a Kitsune with a cute little bushy tail!

Tentacle attack!
This costume is fairly easy to make but is sure to be a BIG hit at any Halloween party you go to this year.  What you’ll need: a cute outfit, a couple of pairs of funky coloured nylons/tights, stuffing, and safety pins.  First stuff the nylons so that they are roughly round and a good thickness; you could really use anything to stuff them: cotton batting, socks, t-shirts, paper towel, etc.  Next, put on your cute outfit and use the safety pins to pin your tentacled lover’s “arms” in suggestive positions (it might be good to have a friend help you).  Need some tentacle position ideas? You could wrap one over your shoulder and tuck it into your top; wrap one around your waist and pin it to the outside of your top, over a boob; wrap one around your hips and tuck it down your waist-band; if you’re wearing a skirt you could also pin one to the outside of your skirt and bend + pin the end around the edge of your skirt, reaching up.  For an extra bonus you could also paint the stockings after you’ve stuffed them to make them look extra tentacle-y.

The Futa Girl
Yet another super simple costume but a great one.  What you’ll need: a cute outfit, preferably a skirt (guys, you’ll need to dress in drag or this one just wont’ work for you), one pair of knee/thigh-high stockings that generally match your skin tone, stuffing, and safety pins.  Take one of the legs from your stocking set and stuff it – you might want to use a rolled up sock or something that you can sort of roll into a nice shape for the head.  Once you’ve got your fake penis stuffed nicely, tie off the end and pin it under your skirt – make sure that a good amount of your futa cock is hanging out.  For bonus points, drip a little glue on the tip and let it dry so that it looks like your futa penis is already excited!

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