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Post # 1,000!

Hello and welcome to The S Spot’s 1,000th post!

Man, that’s a lot of writing, a lot of porn, and lot of sex, and a lot of hentai!!

We’ve seen features like HNT and Film Fridays come and go; we’ve seen cat girls and futanari; I’ve answered [...]

It’s a Contest! Hurray!

It’s about time that we broke this shiny new site in with a contest!

How would you feel about having the chance to win a shiny new toy from Eden Fantasy’s?
You’d feel good right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Here’s the catch:
To get a chance to win, you’re going to need [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday

Yeow!  Who put that there!?

Oh right, it was me – (click the img to see something a lot less spiky):

“Hey Shay, congrats with the site move!
Hope it’s not too late for my submission, I had my camera out and thought I’d get cheeky Hope it makes the [...]

Touring The New S Spot

I’ve received a couple of e-mails that have led me to believe that at least some of your are having a little trouble finding the bathroom and wine glasses in my new place.  No biggie: The S Spot has moved and things are a little different, so let me give you a quick tour.

Let’s start [...]

Trading G-Spot and P-Spot

“I’ve got a question for you. Lately I’ve been considering experimentation with anal and prostate toys.  However, as I was browsing a sex toy site recently, I took a look through the G-spot toy page just for fun and noticed that they looked similar to some of the prostate toys, only more pretty. I know [...]

Film Fridays – Just Some Straight Up Pron

Now before you all hassle me at once, yes that “pron” is up there on purpose.

Moving on

The other day I was chatting with AAG online and I noticed that she was slower than usual at responding.
Turns out I had caught her in the middle of watching some porn!  *Gasp!  [...]


From the Onion

Sure, I can tell the robots from the neighborhood, “Hey, don’t finger my wife!” and, under the Second Law Of Robotics, they’d have to comply. But what about the thousands of robots I’ve never met? The moment my back is turned, odds are my wife’s going to get robo-fingered. It doesn’t matter if [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 29

Hey, I haven’t though about this in years, but have you ever noticed that a strawberry kinda looks like something else?

(click img to remove all innuendo)

“I love your site! I have been visiting it for a while now. You always ask for more pictures for CBW, and i finally [...]

Babies are Safe, But What About My Vagina?

Because of a box that I checked when I was signing up for other things, I happen to get Earth Network e-mails every so often.  Usually I just delete them without opening because they are rarely relevant to me, but today I didn’t.

“Phthalates ban signed into law!” Declared the subject line.  Hey wait, I though,  [...]

Ring Seeking

“Oh Shay, miraculous oracle of sexual truth, I come to you for the answer to a question.  :^) I occasionally enjoy some fun with cock rings and my question pertains to their usage.   I’ve had a few that were extremely tight fitting where I literally could not get my cock to come down.  So is [...]