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Trading G-Spot and P-Spot

I’ve got a question for you. Lately I’ve been considering experimentation with anal and prostate toys.  However, as I was browsing a sex toy site recently, I took a look through the G-spot toy page just for fun and noticed that they looked similar to some of the prostate toys, only more pretty. I know it sounds a little shallow, but it got me wondering.  How interchangeable would the average prostate toy and the average G-spot toy be? Would I be able to get my jollies off properly with a toy designed with the ladies in mind (and vice versa); and more importantly, would it be safe?
Yup, G-spot and P-spot toys are fairly interchangeable.  Though, if you are sharing with a female partner, you should use condoms to protect the toys from collecting bum bacteria and transferring them to a vag.

The main difference that could pose a problem for you when using a girl-part toy in your bottom is that G-spot toys often don’t have a lip at the end to prevent the toy from wandering all the way up your bum.  It might not too big a deal if you keep a tight grip on the end; but if you were hoping to use your hands for other things while you stimulate your p-spot, make sure you look for toys with the enlarged base lip.

Actually, the Stubby G would be a good option to try out because it does have a wide outer ridge at the bottom. ^_^

P.S. If you’re looking for a nice little discount on some shiny new G-spot or P-spot toys, Vibe Review is doing a promotion in support of the Obama campaign right now.

1 comment to Trading G-Spot and P-Spot

  • One of my favourite toys is a glass dildo originally designed for anal insertion – the angle and the nub for the p-spot is perfect for my g-spot!

    Good article, Shay – always nice to learn something new :)

    xx Dee

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