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Touring The New S Spot

I’ve received a couple of e-mails that have led me to believe that at least some of your are having a little trouble finding the bathroom and wine glasses in my new place.  No biggie: The S Spot has moved and things are a little different, so let me give you a quick tour.

Let’s start with the left sidebar… or would that be the site’s right?  Like, if the site were looking out at us from the screen…. you know what? forget it  – let’s call it the Left Sidebar, as in, it’s on your left as you look at your monitor. ^_~

First up we have my little parental advisory, which is there to remind you that your parents might not be too impressed with you reading this site (which means you might need to be sneaky or should go elsewhere).  Alternatively, it means that if you are a parent you might want to adjust your parental thingies so that your children can’t see the dirty dirty pix I post.  ^_~

Next there’s a link to my Porn Experiment, which is still running because I’ve been too busy to work with the data yet.

Then there’s stuff for subscribing to my RSS feed, getting code for putting an S Spot button on your site, becoming a fan on facebook, or translating this page into another language.

After that I have a fine selection of sexy ads for sexy sites where you can buy porn, sex toys, clothing, etc.  You buy yourself something nice and can help out your Shay at the same time – wowee!

The centre column is pretty straight forward, that’s where all this nice writing lives.  At the top of each post is the post title, then there’s post content (the sexy wurds I was talking about), and at the bottom of each post are the categories each post is tagged with, the date, and the spot where you can leave a comment. [hint: click a category word to see more posts from the same category.]

The Right Column is full of good things too!  That’s where you can get my e-mail address for when you want to send me nice e-mails, questions, CBW photos, etc.  Under that, you’ll find my paypal donate thingy and then three very important tools for you:

1. The “site search” box – type in what you want to find and it’ll find it if I’ve mentioned it!

2. The “Archives” drop down menu – where you can browse all my old posts by month (or check out this fancy page)

3. The “Categories” drop down menu – where you can browse all my old posts by category.  [On the old site this was in a list under "labels".]

After that there’s my blogroll and a list of my recent posts.

And voila!  That’s the full tour!  Hopefully, less of you will get lost now and more of
you will find all the super fun stuff I’ve got as you wander around my new place!

P.S.  If you get lost while exploring the site, just scroll right up and click the magic words, “the s spot”, above the banner, this will whisk you back to the homepage.  ^_^

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