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From the Onion

Sure, I can tell the robots from the neighborhood, “Hey, don’t finger my wife!” and, under the Second Law Of Robotics, they’d have to comply. But what about the thousands of robots I’ve never met? The moment my back is turned, odds are my wife’s going to get robo-fingered. It doesn’t matter if the robot doesn’t have fingers—she’ll find some sorta antenna, spring, or crankshaft, and—boom—that robot will get her off.

I can’t beleive the thought hadn’t occurred to me until now: how advanced robotics might affect the family dynamic.  I mean sure, of course people (men and women alike) are going to use their robots to get off, but how is the other partner going to feel about that?  Will it be weird having your robot jerk you off knowing that just a few hours ago it was probably fingering your partner?  What about when your children get older and realize that the family robot has even more uses than they had previously thought!?

I would like to know your thoughts on this matter that will likely not be a concern for a few more decades (if ever).  ^_~

2 comments to Robo-Fun

  • You know….lol…we once had a dog..haha And then I wondered the same thing…What happens when the kids realize what a dog can do?
    The same thing with the robot.. Cause I damn well know I will be using it. HAHA. And I am greedy and don’t like to share.

  • Darkstarr

    Considering how lifelike sex dolls have become thanks to 4Woods and RealDoll, not to mention robot receptionists and boothbabes like Replie RP-4, I suspect it’s only a time before we have “sexaroids” like the characters in Bubblegum Crisis… and with the demand, I’m thinking years, not decades like you said. (Then again, would this be a bad thing? Check out CHOBITS by Clamp and see what the Japanese think!)

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