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What The *Caption* ?!

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I actually had a really awesome post in mind for today but I ended up going to a video game tournament on Monday night and didn’t have any time to finish it up!
So instead I thought I would treat you all to another round of Show and Tell!

Last time’s winner was:

So here we go …
I’ll SHOW you the picture:

And you TELL me what the characters are thinking/saying:

Aaaaand GO!

20 comments to What The *Caption* ?!

  • DZER

    “Is that your snatch in my face or are you just really happy to see me?”

    “Umm … I give up … is it tuna?”


  • Cayman J

    OK OK OK!! You win! It does smell better than mine.


    WOW! You’re right! Those egyptian cotton panties are really soft.

  • jkdasfjad

    “No really, watch. If I put my feet in your backpack straps, we’ll get much more resistance.”

  • Haaaaaaa

    You’re right! Waxing is the way to go!

  • Clever

    “AAHHH! What is that??? You- You just poked out my left eye!!!”

  • horny guy

    hey, i told you already, nothing in front of my sister!

  • ArtfulDodger

    “Oh wow, you were right, you ARE ovulating!”


    “Nope, not a single hair is sticking out! Amazing.”


    “So THAT’S what it looks like on the inside!?”

  • Dirty Debbie

    “You’re right cotton is softer”

  • adam

    A descriptive Caption:

    “It was on the day Miko fell out the window, that Yuki recognised her budding, sexual-leanings for what they were.

    “Yuki only wished Miko would’ve landed, just a little bit, lower.

    “That Miko, she thought to herself,
    was a sight for sore eyes!!”

  • Anonymous

    Girl in Blue,” I wish my superhero best friend had a better super power than, flying panties of truth.”

  • :P fuzzbox

    Blind Girls Bluff, Hentai Style.

  • Momentarily_Distracted

    “Guess who?”

  • Squinky

    “Destroyer Squadron Spotted! Down Periscope! Dive, Dive, Dive!”

  • Clever

    second entry:

    “Cuntblogging Wednesday!! Close-up!”

  • tbinnd

    All I see is white it must be heaven but sure smells like hell.

  • DG

    “Ok now, you go hide… ONe… two… three…”

  • unbrella

    I can’t see anything with these new glasses but I sure do like them.

  • Anonymous

    Blue Shirt says: “Uh, Clair, you have something on your face…”


    Pink Tank Top says: “Okay Becky, the whole fallen angel bit is getting old!”

  • Maikeru

    “You know most people ride on their friends’ shoulders facing the other way.”


    “Alright, you win—your reverse scissor lock is an effective for of subduing your opponent!”

  • Darkstarr

    Girl in pink top: “Dammit, Yuriko, can’t you at least wait until we get back to our dorm room?”

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