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Film Friday 65 – An Irish Bath

This is how I prepare for St. Patrick’s Day:

Mmm a nice creamy bath

Afterwards I play my favourite Leprechaun and Beer themed game:

My high score is currently 737, can you beat that?

Also, the FilmFridays archive has been updated and all the film links have been checked.

5 comments to Film Friday 65 – An Irish Bath

  • ArtfulDodger

    The only bad thing about film friday is I have to wait until after work to watch, so in case I miss it tonight I wanted to wish you a great day tomorrow! kisses. :)

  • Kyma

    I Love Baileys…

  • Lapis Ruber

    I shall be downing a few pints of guiness today as I watch Ireland play rugby. It’ll be a great St Pat’s Day for us both if they win!

    Did you see the recent story that claims that men tend to fixate on other men’s crotches whereas women fixate on men’s faces? I’m running a poll to see what other people think about this – please pop over and complete it if you have time.

  • Shay

    Art – aww sorry, I guess they aren’t usually work safe… ^_~

    Kyma – me too ^_^

    Lapis – No I hadn’t heard that story before, interesting theory tho.

  • Gadfly

    Somebody had enough money to fill a bathtub full of Bailey’s and have a model swim in it — but didn’t know to warm the shit and to tell the girl to keep it out of her eyes, and for god’s sake don’t inhale any of it.

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