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Halloweener #2

RatMaggot sent me this very neat shot of himself – dressed up as a clothesline!

Always been into pain – biting, fingernails and so on, but you need a partner for that kind of thing and she’s not aways around. I guess you just have to see household objects in a slightly… skewed manner haha :)

(psst – scroll down)

8 comments to Halloweener #2

  • badinfluencegirl

    okay seriously that makes me want to slowly slowly slowly take it into myself a little bit at a time such that the pegs have to pop off with little pinching tugs.

    first of course i’d have to use the head for some personal satisfaction….

  • frhe sjgg

    Ouchy ouchy ouchy ouch !!!! Well, to each their own fun ! And it clearly look like he’s enjoying himself !

    Happy Halloween Shay !

    Anne Elizabeth

  • ArtfulDodger


  • Shay

    BIG – hmmm that could be a pretty cool experience, I wonder how tight the tension is on those springs.

    AE – It certainly does!

    Art – look out! I’m coming for you *pinch*!!

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    That is one amazing cock but OW!

  • ratmaggot

    Glad you all liked the pic of me… Just wanted to say that usually the pegs don’t go so high up, because you can’t do anything with them up the top! But it was fun and veeeeeeeeery stimulating…

    Recommend you ladies get a few and clip you labia together for a good wank… go n, try it… and send out a photo :)

  • Anonymous

    that’s a big cock!!!!!

  • badinfluencegirl

    shay: just tight enough? *eg*

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