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Pleasurists 97

Altisonus by loadsatequila

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists #96? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #98? Be sure to read our submission guidelines and then use our submission form and submit it before Sunday September 26th at 11:59pm PDT.

On to the reviews…


Cockblogging Wednesday 201

You know what’s sad?
I just had to go to the main page to look up what CBW # this one was going to be.
Does it feel like the 200th CBW extravaganza was forever ago to anyone else?

So what do we have for this week?
A giant banana!

What’s that you say giant banana, this week’s submission is another lovely entry from the 200th CBW contest?
How nice!!

Roger may not have won, but we sure do appreciate him entering!
whoa, that sounds like a little double entendre there Giant Banana.


I just read about your contest.  I haven’t submitted any pics lately so figured this might be a good time to do so.”

Wanna participate in CBW?
Become part of this great legacy!
OR participate in Cocktoberfest (which is starting VERY soon)?

Send in a pic!!!
[email protected]

Avatar Fleshlight!?

You know what I love?
When a sex toy company not only decides to cash in on a fad, but decides to go balls to the wall with it.

The Alien Fleshlight my friends
I didn’t think such a thing was possible,
and now I really wish I had a dick to try it out with!

I love love love that they are pairing it with the This Ain’t Avatar XXX DVD too.

If any of my male readers get one – PLEASE send me an e-mail and tell me what’s it’s like!!

I mean sure it just looks like a vag with two clits – but it’s blue!
and has a custom interior – and it’s blue!
I really like that shade of blue.

That is all
Carry on

Video Toy Review - Amourous

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

The 200th Cockblogging Wednesday!!!

It’s amazing to think that we’ve seen a whole 200 Cockblogging Wednesdays here at The S Spot!

That’s 200 submissions (and that’s not even counting the pix for Cocktoberfest!) from generous and friendly readers who were willing to share themselves with us and open themselves up to comments!

I’ve been exploring my archives to figure out when I first started going CBW,
turns out it was WAY back in October 2005 – which means I’ve been doing CBW for almost 5 years!!

That first CBW post wasn’t even a reader submitted photo – just something cute I’d found online.

Faithfully though, I was back the next week, and this time I had a picture a guy friend of mine had given me permission to post.
The week after I had a picture sent in by some fellow bloggers I was friends with online.
And by week 4 I had adopted not only my now-traditional title format, but the entries from readers started trickling in at a semi-regular pace – which meant that CBW was set to continue!

In fact, the next October I had such a HUGE amount of submissions that I started Cocktoberfest: partly because I thought it would be fun, partly because I had just moved to a city were Oktoberfest is a big deal, and partly because I needed to burn through the MASSIVE queue of CBW photos that had developed!
(As my longtime readers know, Cocktoberfest has now become an annual feature at The S Spot!)

That year CBW served as a vehicle to answer a reader’s question about penis size worries
AND to show off a great toy review too.

2006 also saw the addition of CUNTblogging Wednesday to our repertoire, which gave our female readers a chance to not only participate but to also have a rare look at what other real women look like – there’s a fantastic amount of variety in the pretty pussies and courageous cunts we’ve seen on the site!

In 2007, shortly after passing my 50th CBW, I started censoring CBW - just to make the site a little more friendly and less jarring to newcomers.
I mean, not EVERYONE who comes to The S Spot is interested in CBW and this way they would have to option to click-through to see the uncensored pic if they wanted.
I do have a pretty fun time picking the image I use as a cover-up too – usually it relates to either the submission itself or will have something to do with something going on in my real life.

Yep, CBW has been a pretty regular feature here at The S Spot – no matter how crazy busy my life gets, you can always count on a CBW update (even if it goes up a little late).

And speaking of CBW – let’s get to the winning submission!!
If you haven’t been keeping up with the site, I’ve been running a contest over the past few weeks.
My readers sent in CBW pictures and I used my trusty random integer generator to pick one luck submitter to win a Vibro Lady Touch Fleshlight from Eden Fantasys!

The winning entry ended up coming from Joe!


Here’s my entry.  A little last minute, fortunately performance anxiety has never been an issue.

Joe’s fabulous prize will be winging it’s way to him shortly
Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll tell us how much he likes it after he’s taken it for a spin.

If you’d like to submit a pic for CBW (or Cocktoberfest!), do it!
See my ABOUT page for more details

Last Day to Enter CBW Contest!


Tonight is your LAST CHANCE to enter the contest that I am running with Eden Fantasys!
In case you’ve forgotten – the lucky winner will receive a whole Vibro Lady Touch Fleshlight all for their very own!

Check out last week’s CBW post for more details!


It sucks being jerked around by your heart strings

A while ago, you helped me with a question involving my relationship. You were extremely helpful and right. I was hoping you may be able to do it again.

long story short:
This girl and I started dating in high school for 1 1/2 years. We were each other’s firsts. She then broke up with me because she had doubts about our future and her family used that to convince her. We were broken up for about a year. During that time, she dated a complete jerk and had sex with him only a few weeks after we broke up. After they broke up, we started talking again and I found out what she did.  I finally got over it enough to let it go (most of the time…) and we started hanging out again. All the while, I’m still completely in love with her. We eventually “accidentally” kissed (I couldn’t resist) and we started to become more than friends leading up to us getting back together.

And that brings us to now. We had been dating for another year. She broke up with me saying she didn’t feel the same way anymore. She had just gotten back from a week vacation with her family where they had plenty of time to talk, so I’m a little paranoid about her family again.

So my question to you is what should I do?

This kind of situation really sucks.

It’s really unfair to you for her to keep ping ponging around with her feelings towards you.

The advice I’m going to give you will probably seem a little harsh – so I’m sorry about that, it’s always harder when you’re in the situation and your emotions are strong.
Here it goes: I am thinking that you might want to consider throwing in the towel – for now at least.

Like I said, it’s not fair to you for her to keep changing her mind about you. And I think it might be healthier for your heart and soul for you to back off until she can make up her mind and stick to it without being swayed by her family or by you.

Do you really want to be with someone who might change her mind and leave you or take you back at a moment’s notice? No one should have to live like that.

Maybe things will work out between you somewhere down the line, or maybe you’ll meet someone else amazing who loves you truly and with their whole heart without question. You have to leave yourself open to that kind of possibility. And in the meantime you have to protect your heart and preserve your sanity by dropping this girl until she figures out what she really wants.

What say you readers?  Any other or alternate advice for this fellow?

Cockblogging Wednesday 199

OMG you guys!
We are on the cusp of our 200th Cockblogging Wednesday post!!

Speaking of things of this nature, have you seen the Vibro Touch Fleshlight?

Pretty sexy right?

Well it could be YOURS!!!


The S Spot is approaching it’s 200th Cockblogging Wednesday!

And because we think that’s so cool,
but especially because our friends at Eden Fantasys also agree with us that it’s pretty freaking cool,
we’re doing a contest!!

How would you like to be the proud owner of one of the most highly rated male masturbation enhancers on the planet?
How about, not only a Fleshlight, but a Fleshlight that fucking vibrates!
Wouldn’t that be kinda neat?
Well we sure thought so – which is why the Vibro Lady Touch Fleshlight is up for grabs!

To enter, you just have to send in your snazziest CBW photo ever
(photographed members MUST belong to someone 18 yrs of age or older)
before midnight on the 21st of September.
(Please note that there is no region restriction on this contest – you lucky dogs!)

You have a little less than a week to get YOUR entry in – so get on it!!
(Ladies, your entries will count as well if you’d like to enter too.)

Meanwhile, let’s check out another entry – this is Dick’s dick, you know, of Dick n’ Jane?
That teddy bear looks pretty sweet, but you should definitely clickthrough to check out their joint submission!

Hi Shay!  I’m new to The S Spot and not sure what the CBW rules are (exactly)… but I’d sure love to win that Fleshlight! I’ve attached a few cock pictures.  Not something I usually do… but you asked for them, right?  This one shows Jane’s point of view.

Give a Girl a Chance

I present to you a song about handjobs.
Hurray for handjobs… well, except that there appears to be a learning curve.

Actually one of the concerns they speak to is the worry that they are going to hurt their partners’ penis.
Which totally made me laugh because it has always surprised me how rough my male partners will be with their own dick, because, like the girls in the video, I’m always worried about being too rough and hurting it!

So what about you?
Any hilarious handjob stories?