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Back For Another

I know, I said last week’s participation was practically a one time thing.
But how could I resist posting on CockBlogging Wednesday when a friend of mine was nice enough to send me a photo of his cock for me to post!

Aww see! It’s so friendly! ^_^

(By the way – my tea tasting assistant wants you to know that this isn’t his.)

Want to guest cock on my blog? Send me a pic! ^_^ [email protected]

7 comments to Back For Another

  • Anonymous

    This comment isn’t about the dick, sorry to disappoint. Speaking of pictures though, Those descriptions of your “testing” processes keep giving me mental ones…
    But on a more serious note, Bun, I’d like to congradulate you on the success of The S-Spot! Seems all sorts of readers are commenting and loving it too, so good on ya’!!! (I like the “about me” pic too, very close indeed!)

    - Sean

  • Aragorn

    Glad you start liking CBW. I am still amazed by what I find … rarely any guys taking part in it … I guess they rather see there jewels on someone else’s blog … lol. I really keep enjoying your blog a lot ! Thanks – A

  • Lord & Ms C

    Don’t know whether to participate…after all no-one has sent me their camel toes (I’m not bitter!).

    However…I’m half tempted to say my cock is in the post…but i won’t…

    Lord C

  • Shay


    Sean – Thanks for popping in again and thanks for the compliments! Yeah, my user pic does look almost exactly like me, I was super excited when I found it. Though you have to admit that my real glasses are a billion times cuter! ^_~

    Aragorn – Thanks! I also have noticed that not many guys participate in CBW, maybe they are shy? Does that mean you’ll be sending me a picture? ^_~

    Lord&Miss C – Aww! I would have sent you a photo of my classy gym camel toe – but my digital camera is dead and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. Not that I’m trying to pressure you into participating. ^_~

  • Demon Queen

    Divinely decadent Miss Shay!
    Oh wait it’s not smart sex monday is it?
    okay then… how about just YUM!

    Thanks for coming to see us on LV.

    Means the world to me to see your pretty face there.

    love ya!

    PS. Keep those hot cock pics coming. I do love cockblogging wednesday. sigh

  • Late Starter

    I was looking for inspiration for today’s ‘artwork’ when I read your ‘cockbloggingwednesday’ challenge. I’m quite pleased with the result!

  • horny guy

    feel free to use any of the ones on my blog as a guest cock on your blog. :)

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