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Toy Review - Remote Vibrating Panties

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Bullet vibes are fine, but I’ve always thought they’d be more fun without the crazy long  (or too short) wire hooking the controller up to the actual bullet – you know, something you could hand off to a partner if you wanted to have some discrete fun in public places.  Something, like Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty.

The package comes with a pair of soft black satin panties with tie-up sides (meant for hips between 25 and 65 inches around) and a bullet vibe with a remote control.  The panties have a pouch inside the front too, so you can tuck the bullet inside and nestle it against your clit.

The bullet has a little plastic loop on the end, which is suspect means the manufacturers probably had the idea that some women might want to pop it inside their vagina; but the bullet is a little chunky, so I can’t imagine that would be very comfortable unless you’re using it strictly for masturbation. (NB: this toy would NOT be safe for anal insertion)

The remote has a pretty good range (the manufacturer says it has a 16 foot range), I tested it around corners and through walls and it still worked.  This is def something you and a partner could conceal and play with at a party – your partner should be able to give you a little buzz, even if you can’t see her/him (though it may not work if you are on different floors of a house).

The vibe comes with N batteries for both the bullet and the remote (yay for toys that come with batteries!) and the toy has multiple vibration settings and pulse programs.  The whole thing also comes in a black satin pouch, which you can use for storage.

What I liked:  I really liked the wireless remote control, it was convenient and very easy to use by myself, and is small enough to conceal in a pocket if you want to buzz someone else from across the room.  Even if you did drop it, I doubt anyone would recognize it as a remote control for a vibrating bullet (but don’t lose it!).  The bullet was as pretty powerful and the pulse programs are a lot of fun.  The panties are also very comfortable and the pouch inside put the bullet in a perfect position for me.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints, though I do feel like the bullet is a little big and might show if you used it under tight pants.

This toy would be great for:  couples who get off on sneakily getting each other off in public places – heck, if you’re single, you could even pick someone cute at a party to hand off the remote to or recruit a friend to pick someone at random who you then have to locate as they buzz your panties with the remote control.  This toy is also plenty of fun to play with alone, the wireless controller means that you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up with your sheets.

Babeland’s Remote Vibe Panty gets a sneaky 8 out of 10:

Beat The Heat - Win a Toy! - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

The summer is almost officially here,
but it’s already heating up like crazy!

We all have our own methods for cooling off when the temperature outside starts making things hot and sticky.

Some people like to wear a little clothing as possible
Some people make ice dildos
Some people jump in the pool

Our friends at Babeland and I want YOU to tell us your sexiest ways to beat the heat!

Leave a comment and YOU could win a hot Waterproof vibe from Babeland!

[Unfortunately this contest is only open to residents of the US (or people who have friends in the US that the prize can be shipped to) - also you must be 18yrs of age.]

{Hmmm maybe this will even give some of you some ideas for CBW ^_~}

This contest is open from now until June 3oth!

Cockblogging Wednesday 187

Whoa, the way the edit worked out on this week’s image ended up making it kinda trippy
it does help illustrate one of the two things chocolate icing is good for.
To view the other thing, you’ll have to clickthrough ^_~



Hi there, I’m a fellow canuck and I thought I would send you a pic of my cock.   Love reading your blog and it makes the work day go by faster.

Wanna appear in CBW?
Send in your pic!
([email protected])

Afraid of Anal Play

My Girlfriend is into anal play. She likes to play with me in that area plus she wants me to play with her there also. I am not at all comfortable with her playing with that area on me, but it is something she really enjoys and REALLY wants to do. I just can’t let her I almost want to hit her when she tries, that is how uncomfortable with it I am. Plus is it even safe to put an unprotected hand in there? She is so into Anal play and I can do it on her but I can’t let her do it to me, what should we do?

On one hand I want to tell you to loosen up (literally) because I was raised to always give new things a chance.  Besides, it sounds like your girlfriend just wants to share something with you that she really enjoys.  There IS a lot of fun to be had by the men who are willing to try anal play – in fact, I’ve written a whole post about it HERE.  So if you just relax and open yourself to this new experience you could discover a brand-new way to enjoy your body as well as a new way to have sex with your girlfriend.
(If you’re interested, I have a whole series of posts on anal stuff HERE.)

On the other hand, I don’t think that people should have to do things in bed that they are uncomfortable with.  If you’re not ready (even if you’re never ready) to try anal play yourself, you have a right to say no – just like anyone else.  It may disappoint your girlfriend, but it’s your body and you get to decide what happens to it and what goes inside it.

You will have to talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel – let her know that you’re not ready (and that you may never be ready) to let her put even her pinky finger up your bum, but that you’re happy to stimulate her anally if that’s what she’d like.

I hope that helps!

Cuntblogging Wednesday 51

Are you looking at this week’s cover-up and shouting
“WTF is that Shay?!” at your montior?

Well, first of all – calm down!
Second, it’s an egg tart (actually 2 egg tarts)!  One of my favouritest desserts!
There’s a Chinese bakery not far from the office where I’m working for the summer that makes some pretty tasty ones – but only if you get there before they are gone!

Anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind today – what’s new with you?

Also, what do you think of this week’s CBW?
Does it inspire you to send in a pic of your own? I hope so!!


Hi Shay! After following your blog, I finally got brave enough to send one in!  I’d love some feedback!

Toy Review – Inspire

I like the idea of having vibes that plug in, like the Inspire, sent to me by my friends at California Exotics.  Plug-in vibes don’t ask that you have spare batteries kicking around, all they ask is that you have an outlet relatively near to your bed (or couch, or kitchen table? – wherever you plan to use it most often). (Please note that this is not a waterproof toy.)

The Inspire is a smaller version of bigger wand-type vibes (like the Ideal), but it makes up for it’s more compact design by being clit meltingly powerful! It’s made of high grade super silky silicone and has three main features: 1) (as I mentioned above) it plugs in, 2) it has a flexible head that bends nicely under light pressure, and 3) it only has one button to press.

That’s right, one (1) button.  How is this possible?  Well, when you hold down the power button, the vibration intensity increases.  How much does it increase?  Enough to make my hand go numb when I held it against the head for a few seconds.

What I liked: I did like the simplicity of this toy’s design, it’s so simple to just keep that button pressed until you get to the speed that you like best (see below for the however).  Plus, I really liked how flexible the head of the wand was, it’s very nice for smooshing the vibe against whatever part of your body you want to stimulate.  As you can probably tell, I was also really impressed by the power this smallish vibe packs, I kept holding down the button just to see how intense it would go and it pretty much blew me away.

What I didn’t like: Yes, the one button press design makes the toy simple to use; however, if you want to adjust the speed of the vibe as you use it, you’re more likely to turn it off than speed it up.  Pretty much you’ll want to pick a speed and stick with it, or you’ll end up turning off the vibe and having to start all over to get to the level you want.  On one hand it seems like a pain; on the other hand, I couldn’t decide if it was much worse than scrolling through a selection of vibration programs on other vibes. The other thing too, is that it can get pretty loud once the vibration gets turned up to the higher levels.

This would be great for: someone looking for a smaller wand vibe that packs a punch, but who doesn’t have to worry about waking a roommate with a noisy toy.

Inspire earns an 8.5 out of 10

Wanna buy your own?  Try HERE

Dildo and Vibe Safety

so I bought my girl a dildo at a local sexshop, and, I want to ask you, is it just because she’s never had a dildo inside her or does the dildo have to do something with it because she kept complaining it hurt, untill I took it out, and it accidentaly slipped, it got a nasty crack, so, yeah, it was kind of a waste.

Dildos can be a little tricky, it’s always good to go with a smaller diameter for your first one.  Sometimes thicker dildos can be uncomfortable when you’re new to using toys.

But it sounds like you two might be better off getting a cheaper mini vibe if you want a starter toy – it will be more fun, you won’t have to worry about it hurting your girlfriend (because you use it externally), and it will be cheaper.  Some mini vibes you can even use together, while you’re having sex, like this one – which is a great bonus.

It’s also not a good idea to keep using your sex toys once they start cracking or breaking – a solid dildo might be okay, but if the casing of a vibe cracks you’ll want to throw it out or recycle it.  You don’t want to risk any complications if your lube leaks inside and gets on the motor or batteries or, vice-versa,  if any toxic chemicals start leaking out.

Cockblogging Wednesday 186

Today’s submitter wanted to send us something unusual.
What do you think?


For something off the beaten path, curious what you think of this … thick cocks in tights!  Thoughts?  Sometimes I wear tights for sport, a couple girlfriends have enjoyed the sight of my parts in such things.

Send in your CBW pix!!
([email protected])

Product Review – Eat Whatever (mints)

As soon as I opened up the package of the Eat Whatever Mints from Babeland I giggled when I saw the instructions – one section is labeled “suck” and the other section is labeled “swallow”. My sense of humour aside, the concept behind these mints is pretty awesome.

The people from EatWhateverMints don’t want you to worry about avoiding yummy garlic in your food, or skipping coffee after dinner because you’re worried about having bad breath for make-outs/sex later.   Their product aims to fight bad breath on two fronts: in your mouth with their mints that you suck, and in your throat/tummy with the jelly that you swallow.

The jelly has ingredients like parsley seed oil (which is sometimes used to freshen breath, but can also induce labour for pregnant women – which explains the warning on the package), sunflower oil, and peppermint.

I decided to put this product to the test on two fronts: once to get rid of yucky coffee mouth after enjoying an iced cap on my way home, and once another day after eating a yummy dinner that included onion.

What I liked:  The mint that you suck tastes good, it’s strong but not painfully minty (like Altoids).  Also, the jelly that you swallow actually does give you the impression that is is doing something, because it makes your throat feel all minty.  In both situations when I tried these combo mints, I felt like they worked – my breath felt fresher, even after the mint that you suck was long gone.

What I didn’t like: no real complaints, as promised it freshened my breath beyond the “life” of the mint that you suck.

This would be great for: people who worry about having bad breath on a date, before a meeting, in class, during an orgy, etc.

Eat Whatever Mints score a fresh 8.5 out of 10:

Saving Lives is Sexy

Hmm I thought the new ratio was 40 compressions to 2 breaths? Ah well, I will take these half-naked ladies’ word for it I suppose… ^_~